2 February 2014


I work full time in an office (in an accountants to be precise so January has been a little stressful) and then on Saturdays I generally spend the time playing with and looking after my niece and nephew (both under the age of 2) so when Sunday arrives I see this as my complete chill day.

I tend to wake up earlier than I'd like, as my body clock doesn't understand weekends, and then I end up lying in bed for an extra two hours in that social media checking vicious circle before I finally decide to claw my way out of the pit and make breakfast. I then throw on a onesie and get back in bed with my laptop and only then do I move for food. Perfect.
I also like to make Sunday the day to give my face a good clean and refresh so I'm ready to start the next week feeling good.
(Last week after getting home from Russia I had the BEST, and much needed, pamper time.)

I really enjoy trying out skincare but at the same time, I don't want to be spending £20 on a moisturiser. I'm really happy with the products I use at the moment and I've seen such a difference in my skin lately.

On Sunday's I won't have even got dressed, let alone put any make up on so the make up removal step does not apply today. I will go have a shower, wash my hair and then smother myself in Soap & Glory's Righteous Butter before lighting some candles (because I am a cliché) and beginning the pamper!

I have a few different cleansers that I use and change around throughout the week but my current favourites are Superdrug's Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser and Soap & Glory's Peachs & Clean. I sometimes use the Superdrug cleanser as make up removal, other times just a post-removal cleanse. It's so creamy and lovely. The Soap & Glory came in the Yule Monty set everyone went mad over before Christmas because of the insane offer (£27 for £60 worth of products?! YES PLEASE.) and I was a bit sceptical about using it as it is quite fragranced so I was scared I'd have a horrendous breakout but it's so lovely. It smells incredibly and I also think it has a minty smell to it, oddly, but it just sinks into the skin and it's caused me no problems.
Then I move on to toner. It took a long time to understand toner and the point of it and finding one that does something for my skin and then I discovered The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner. I have spoken about this before but it's amazing. It has a sort of talcum powder at the bottom which you shake to mix it all together and then use cotton wool to wipe all over the face. The powder mattifies the skin and the tea tree combats the spots. I will repurchase this forever!
After that it's time to exfoliate. I recently had a sample of The Body Shop's Seaweed Exfoliator but I've not had time to go out and buy it properly yet so for now I just have the Boot's Tea Tree & Witch Hazel range one. This is just a standard exfoliator. It leaves my skin lovely and soft but now I've used the Seaweed one, I must prefer that. It isn't as harsh and I can feel it actually working on my skin as I use it. The Boots one is still good and it's very cheap.
In a normal everyday skincare routine, I don't always use face masks. Maybe once or twice. But Sunday's it's not unusual for me to double the face masks. The Montagne Jennesse ones are amazing. They're about £1 and there are so many different ones for all different skin problems. I got this one in a Glossybox and haven't actually used this one before but it is to "deep cleanse, purify and protect" which sounds good to me.
I've also recently added some Superdrug Mud Masks to my stash. This one is the De-Stressing Aloe Vera Mud Mask. This was really cheap (and was on a buy one get one half price offer) and I really like it. It feels very soothing on the skin and doesn't take very long at all to do the job.
Face masks done, I will generally use a light moisturiser on certain areas of my face as opposed to everywhere. I've got in to using the La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo again recently. I go through phases of loving and hating this. I use it as a target spot treatment rather than a full face moisturiser which I know others do. I will put a bit on my cheeks and chin and sometimes a little on my forehead.
Eye cream is something I try and get in to but I always forget about it. I really like the Good Things one though and when I remember to use it I really like it. It isn't heavy or greasy. I also like the Boots own eye gel with cucumber for a really cheap alternative.
Now that my face is all scrubbed and clean, I use the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub to exfoliate my lips and then slicking on The Body Shop's Vitamin E lip balm. I tend to only do the lip scrub on Sunday's because over-exfoliating your lips really does not sound appealing..!

After all this is done, I usually get back in bed with a brew and chocolate and stick the tele or Netflix on and chill for a couple of hours before I have to go to sleep ready for the early start of Monday morning. Before I get into bed, I like to use a night cream. I currently have the Nivea one which I'm not really a fan of. I usually use the Superdrug Vitamin E one which is thick but not heavy and feels really nice. This is quite heavy and doesn't feel that great but I ran out before Russia and couldn't get to Superdrug before going. It doesn't seem to have done anything bad to my skin but I much prefer Superdrug's version.

And there we have it. My Sunday Night Pamper Routine! Do you like to treat yourself on Sunday's?

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  1. Great post, I tried the superdrug hot cloth cleanser a while ago and I liked it more than the liz earle cleanse and polish x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness


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