9 February 2014


A month ago I decided to stop doing favourites posts and instead do occasional review posts featuring all the new things I've been trying rather than just the products I've liked. Because, it is always helpful to hear about products that aren't so great too. The first post can be found here.

The first new products I've been trying lately are the Superdrug Mud Masks. I did mention these in the Sunday Pamper Post. These are really cheap (I think less than £3) and when I bought them they were also on an offer. I have used the Aloe Vera De-Stressing one more than the Mud Therapy but I really like these. You don't need to use too much so I can see these tubes going a long way. They're very calm o the skin and when you've washed them off, the skin is just so smooth.

The "Baby" range by Maybelline caused everyone to go insane when the Baby Lips came over the UK last year. I have never actually tried these because I just can't get excited over a lip balm. However, I saw this Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser on the shelf as a new product and decided to give it a go. I thought it would be a cheap dupe for Benefit's POREfessional. The packaging is quite similar and they claim to do similar things however, I think I much prefer Benefit's offering. The actual product of the Baby Skin is clear and doesn't have as nice a texture and I feel like I have to use a lot more product to actually smooth across my face. As for makeup longevity, I feel it does do an okay job of getting the make up to stay on my face however, I just don't like the feel of it on my face. I've not actually read many reviews on this so let me know your thoughts on it. Maybe I'm not using it right?

I have fallen in love with a foundation in the most unhealthy way. Foundation is probably one of the biggest struggles we face. So many shades and finishes and brands and where do you even start? When Boots matched me up to Cool Vanilla and they did a matte foundation I decided I was happy enough with that and I didn't need anything else. Over the last few months, I've not been enjoying it quite as much and I've been after something else. I tried the Clinique Stay Matte (as mentioned in the last Mini Reviews post) and I like it but sometimes I think it's too dark and there's just something not selling it.
I don't have a clue why I picked up the L'Oréal True Match foundation but I have heard good things so I picked up the colour Rose Ivory and I've not stopped using it since. The end.
But seriously. It's not totally matte, a rarity for me, but it's also not dewy. It's not full coverage but it's pretty buildable. It just has the most lovely finish, is the perfect colour and as I mentioned recently about not using powder, I have got in to the habit of warming up my fingers and pressing them over my skin to help sink the make up and this is working a treat! I couldn't recommend this foundation enough.

The last new thing I have is the Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush. I've been after a thin liner brush for my gel eyeliner so long and I've just not been able to find one that works for me. This seems to have ticked all the boxes though, as Real techniques generally do! It's very easy to use and I find using the gel liner a lot easier with this brush as opposed to the one I've previously been using.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?


  1. I quite like Superdrug's masks, too. I've used the deep pore one (in the purple tube) and really loved it. Especially for the price, you get a lot for your money!

    Maxine, xx

  2. i was quite tempted towards baby skin because i have porefessional, and i have to say i'm not a big fan, so i've been looking for a good dupe that does the same job and hopefully better, but i haven't seen any good reviews of it, so i have to say seeing you not also be a fan does kind of put me off somewhat. x


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