26 January 2014



Last night I arrived home from a week in Russia. I have previously mentioned I was taking a trip there with a couple of friends so i thought I'd share some photos from the trip with you, for a bit of a change to the norm on here. Hope you like it!

From last Sunday until Wednesday, we was in Saint Petersburg. Beautiful, old fashioned city with incredible architecture. We got ourselves all wrapped up and spent our first full day walking for about 6 hours in around -18C weather! Safe to say, we all in a significant amount of pain once we got back to our apartment. In Saint Petersburg we visited the Hermitage Palace (where Anastasia and the Romonov's lived!), Church on Spilled Blood, St Isaac's Cathedral and we saw St Nicholas' Cathedral too.

Just a warning, this will be quite photo heavy. But beautiful photos!

We then moved on to Moscow where is was significantly colder and also a lot windier making it around -27C! Insane! I had to wear two hats so that my brain didn't freeze. My hair literally did freeze on a few days!
We visited St Basil's Cathedral, which is beautiful, and saw the Kremlin and Bolshoi Theatre. Moscow was so different to Saint Petersburg. It has a much more modern feel to it and it's a lot busier.

It was such an amazing experience. Very exhausting and I was very glad to get home and have a decent cup of tea but I would absolutely tell anyone to go and visit. It something I never thought or expected myself to go and do and also enjoy.

Hope this different kind of post is okay. I may start doing little lifestyle/update posts on a monthly basis if that would be of interest. Let me know?!


  1. loved seeing this! i went to st petersburg for two nights when i was fifteen, but seeing this post has made me think i'd like to go back and see it again and truly appreciate it, because it really is so pretty and so incredible and just breathtaking. i couldn't cope with the weather though, i went in summer and it was cold, but -27, no thanks! good to see you didn't freeze! x


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