22 February 2015


A few weeks ago I was reorganising the shelves in my bedroom and I posted a photo to Instagram and I'm really happy with how they look so I thought I'd share them with you.

I only have a very small bedroom so I have to find ways to fit everything in so it doesn't look overcrowded and make my room seem even smaller. Last year I redecorated and the walls were painted magnolia to brighten it up and I got a new bed with no bottom headboard which has also opened up the space.
One problem I do have is that I am a hoarder. There, I said it.

I hate throwing anything away. I'm one of those "but just what if one day I need this despite never having used it in the past 5 years?!" kind of people. I have got better. Ish. In the past I used to keep all the tags from clothes and I had a draw full of those buttons they put on the seam tag.

I'm really very nosey and love seeing what other people have. Such a great way to learn what someone is like. So here goes..!

Top shelf is home to my beloved Woody doll. Anyone that knows me know how special Toy Story is and my friend bought me this a few years ago and it's one of the best gifts I've ever received. I have a photo album next to him that I got from eBay. I try to get photos printed every so often because I think it's so sad we don't have hard copies of photos anymore. We have so many albums from when we were little and I love going back through them. One this shelf I sit my perfumes, my favourite being Chloé. I try to use it sparingly but it's too beautiful. And then at the back I have a few books with pretty covers: Sali Hughes "Pretty Honest" and Alexa Chung "It" (reviews linked) and then there is a Keep Calm & Carry On book full of nice quotes I got from a little shop in York and Everything Is Going To Be Okay which is a book full of images and quotes I found on Amazon and it's lovely and I love flicking through it when I don't feel good.

The second shelf is where I keep my makeup. The acrylic lipstick holders are from eBay as are the little drawers on the right. The middle drawers are from Muji. I wish I had somewhere better to put my makeup and I wish I had space for a dressing table but I don't so this will do for now. It's all reachable and I can see what I have at least. My L'Oréal and NARS foundations don't fit in the drawers so I keep those at the sides but I use them the most anyway so it's more convenient. The right hand side drawers are products I don't really use but I don't want to get rid of yet and also backup products.
The next shelf is home to my brushes (that I should have cleaned before photos...) and other bits and bobs. I got the "Little Things" box from Tesco in their bathroom section. It comes with a bigger box that says "Bits and Bobs" but this is too big for the shelves so is currently holding my body butters and hair products inside my wardrobe. I've just put combs and little sample sized products I have in here and I keep my Tangle Teezer, comb and dry shampoo to the side for ease.
The black brush holder is from ELF and has face brushes and my eye brushes are in a use ice cream candle that i got from Primark a couple of years ago. I'm not sure where the last holder is from but I just keep eyelash curlers in there. And the shelf is overlooked by two Smurfs... because why not?!

Then the bottom half of my shelves is dedicated to films. My true love. I am desperately running out of room which makes me very sad. When I own my own house, the goal is cinema room. Then I will die happy. DVDs on the top two, though they have started overflowing to the bottom shelf, and my video collection on the bottom. Yep, old school over here. Still have and use my videos. I could probably use a new DVD player but mine is a double with a VHS player and I can't bare to get rid. Plus, have you seen the price of Disney DVDs?! I'm not paying £15 each to replace them all! :')
And just whilst we're here: favourite films ever? ET, Peter Pan, Big, Forrest Gump, Toy Story, Juno, Beauty and the Beast and Willy Wonka.

And I just have to share how happy this makes me. I got this poster from Society6 and it was expensive especially for something so simple but I absolutely love it. The frame is from B&M Bargains. And then my little Pascal sits on top of my tv just to brighten my day whenever I get home.

Hope you liked that little nosey around a part of my bedroom.


  1. Love you have a dvd collection to rival mine. I ran out of space long ago. X

    Kate | A British Sparkle

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    1. I took these photos and wrote this a few weeks before I posted :(

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