15 February 2015


Since before Christmas, I've been a bot poorly. I kept getting a bit better and then falling back down. But I'm feeling back to normal now and felt like I needed to treat myself. Along with being poorly, I was changing department at work and at the same time as doing my job I've been training my replacement so work have been pretty crazy. So the weekend was approaching and I was feeling spendy and my eyebrows needed sorting badly so I got up on Saturday and took myself in to town. I hate going shopping on a Saturday. I just can't cope with people being slow. So I try to go as early as I can force myself to get out of bed to avoid midday madness. 
I was only out for two hours but my card was on fire by the time I got home...

First up, I made a beeline for the Benefit Brow Bar in Debenhams 'cos my brows were crying for TLC. I think it might have been a few months before Christmas before I'd had them sorted so they were in desperate need as I couldn't control them myself by now. The girls who work there know their brows and now I look and feel GURRRRD.
Whilst in Debenhams I went to the Origins counter as my Clear Improvements mask is nearly empty and I got talking to the lovely sales assistant. I've had a major breakout recently. My skin hasn't been this bad in almost a year so she was talking to me about things that may be good for me and kindly gave me three samples. She told me she's only allowed to give two usually so really appreciate that! Looking forward to seeing if any work for me.

Brows sorted I headed to Lush. I don't go to Lush very often as I don't tend to have baths. Our bath is so temperamental that sometimes it only runs hot water for a minute or two so it barely fills it at all. It's behaved recently (touch wood!) so decided to treat myself. I've seen literally every blogger post about the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and it is beautiful and so I just couldn't resist. You only need to break a bit off each time so it's gonna last a while at least. Then I smelt the Dragon Egg Bath Bomb. Kinda saw Dragon Egg and thought of Game of Thrones and maybe I'll use this and become Daenerys Targaryen... 

I went into town with a list that required me being in Superdrug and Boots so damage obviously got done. (Ooh, side note: where on earth are UK people finding the Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Concealer thingy?! I have never seen it anywhere but I'm desperate to try it!)
First up was Superdrug... I really love the sachets of masks you can get. They're only like £1 and they're great little midweek pamper treats. They were on offer so I got three including a sheet mask. I've never used one of these before so I'm pretty excited by this!
One thing on my list was the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Pads. I saw these on a blog a while back and thought they'd be a great dupe for the First Aid Beauty Pads. The Nip + Fab are half the price (and they were on offer when I got them too) for the same number of pads. I'll probably do a comparison when I've had chance to use them. I also picked up the Glycolic Fix Serum from the same range so we'll see how I get on with that.
I really wanted the Kate Moss x Rimmel lipstick they've done for Comic Relief. The Kate Moss lipsticks are my favourite and I have quite a few. This is a lovely classic red and part of the cost goes to Comic Relief which is brilliant. I love the packaging too.
I also was really keen to try the new Max Factor Creme Puff Blush. I got the shade 05 Lovely Pink which is a soft baby pink with fleck of gold through and it's so pretty. It was pretty difficult to choose one. And then I didn't need a nail varnish but my friend has this one and I really like it so I got the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Almond. I have Lychee and it looks quite similar, just a bit darker. The Gelly range is just so good though! And I love a nude nail.

Then on to Boots and the two things on my list I really needed... Ahem. Firstly, the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +. I've not used this in about a year now but with my skin having just gone crazy I thought I'd try it again as I remember it doing a bit of good last time. This had about £3.50 off in Boots as well so might be worth checking it out if you've been wanting to try it!
Finally, my Tangle Teezer has seen better days. I've had it going on 5 years (I think) and the bristles are starting to get bent out of shape so I picked up a new one. I am in love with these colours! Lilac on one side and baby pink on the other. ALL THE HEART EYES.

So having spent up, I went home to put my pj's on and then watched House on Netflix until I went to bed. Which I will continue to do after some blogging time today.
I am fully obsessed with this show and I'm almost certain I'm nearly a qualified doctor now. Anyone else get that? Nope? Just me... Okay.

As a little extra and different note (and well done if you read this far), my friend Becki has written a very good piece regarding 50 Shades of Grey that I urge you all to read. I'm not going to say anything more here as Becki has written all my thoughts in her blog. But please go read and share it.


  1. Gotta love a 'Dragon's egg' lush bath bomb! LeviJade xx

  2. What a haul - I'm desperate to break my spending ban, but I'm trying to resist xx

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