19 February 2015


1. Bold claim?
2. A boring thing to blog about?

What could be so amazing about a colourless varnish you put on your nails? Well listen here...

I've been pretty loyal to Sally Hansen's Insta-dri for a few years but started falling out of love with it. It started getting too gloopy too quickly and wasn't going on the nail nicely any more.
Top coats are great for making your nail varnish last longer and making them super shiny (or matte if you prefer). You can get a good few days longer without chipping with a decent top coat.

Recently I placed an order with Nails Inc and there was a little problem when the order arrived and trying to get contact with them to sort it out. Eventually they sorted everything and they sent an item that was missing and they also included a complimentary full size of their Kensington Caviar Top Coat.

Now first off 45 seconds is a pretty big claim to make... and also random? We've all seen the 60 second drying time for nail products but 45?
Well, I don't know if it is 45 seconds but it is bloody quick! I've been super impressed by how quickly this dries. I hate waiting for my nails to dry. I'm too impatient and I ended up smudging my nails ALL the time. I like the Elegant Touch spray that you can get and spray over nails and it dries them almost instantly.
The Caviar Top Coat though, as well as drying at lightening speed, makes the nails SO glossy. It's like having gel nails without the commitment.

I think this is the start of a beautiful love affair.
Have you ever used this top coat?

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  1. wow this looks so good! i've been on the lookout for a good quick-drying top coat and 45 seconds sounds ridiculously fast, may need to give this a go - great post!

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