1 March 2015


I've hit a "bloggers block" situation and I'm struggling to think of things to write about. I got myself a bit worked up about it so I thought, let's just go back to the trusty wishlist to kick start the ol' brain box.

ASOS is my absolute favourite place for clothes. Late last year I decided it was time I got myself an ASOS Premier account. If you don't know what that is then you pay £9.95 to cover 12 months and for that you get free next day and nominated delivery. Considering that most of the time, standard delivery is about £3/4, that is more than worth it if you order as much as I do. It's also proved to be a life saver when I've needed last minute birthday presents and emergency outfits. They even come on Sunday if you ordr in time on Saturday!
So, yeah... my ASOS saved list is always rather full as I try to tell myself I don't really need another striped top. (We all need more striped tops though, don't we?)

Here's what's currently on my ASOS saved list...

I've wanted a trench coat for sooooo long but I just cannot find the one that is in my head (well I can... it's Burberry... but my wage is certainly not going to get me one of those!) This one still isn't exactly what I want but I do really like it and I keep going back to look at it.
I feel like I need to invest in a decent pair of trousers for work. I generally wear dresses and tights everyday but I have a load of shirts and nothing to wear them with. I don't really feel comfortable in trousers but the material of these looks nice and they are skinny fit, which I prefer.
The top isn't something I'd usually go for but something about this print really draws me to it...
Stripes..! I am obsessed. This jumper looks super cosy though. This one may gave moved to the basket on my next spend...
Forever on the hunt for the perfect bag and forever not finding it. This has multi compartments which is what I like but I don't think I'm 100% sold on it yet.
Boots are another thing I just can't find the perfect pair of. I never spend that much money on shoes because I walk so funny that I ruin them so quickly. I am a firm believer in 'you get what you pay for' though so maybe I'll have to take my own advice. I really like the cut around the ankle of these ones too.

Are you an ASOS fan?

Disclaimer: this post isn't sponsored or anything. I just really bloody love ASOS.


  1. That trench is a such a good affordable take on the Burberry! It would be so versatile too!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥


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