4 March 2015


I've noticed that Tesco, and in particular, their Home section seems to have had a revamp as of late. And it's looking mighty fine!
I'm a big candle lover. I love getting in bed in the evening with some candles lit and Netflix on the tv. I noticed a few new candle scents on the Home shelves in Tesco and one in particular really tickled my fancy...

Usually my candle preference leans towards fruity smells, and lately also spicey scents. I rarely go and choose Vanilla. There's just something about this though that I am obsessed with. I got the pack of tealights and the Candle in a Jar. They also do smaller jars and bigger ones (like the big Yankee Candle jars) and pillar candles. They're so much cheaper than Yankee Candles and just as good.
I'm not good with describing scents but it smells like ice cream and reminds me of holidays. It's just lovely.
Everytime I go in to Tesco I end up picking up more tealights cos can you really have too many?!

Give it a sniff next time you're in Tesco!

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