2 October 2014


So, Summer is officially over for me. It had started getting cooler hear the last few weeks but I knew I was heading over to Greek island, Rhodes at the end of September so until that was over, it was still summer!

We booked a very last minute holiday after deciding we just needed to get away for a little while and have a major chill out. 
I mentioned a few posts back that I just haven't been feeling great lately and I was looking forward to this so much. I just needed to do nothing and think about nothing for a week and now I'm home and feeling great! (Except from wishing I was still there...)

We got a really good all inclusive deal at a hotel in Kalithea. The hotel (Sun and Sky Hotel) definitely could have done with some modernising BUT it was incredibly clean, there was a bed, a good shower (even if you had to hold the shower head) and the food was excellent. I heard a few people complain about food but I am the world's fussiest eater and I managed to be full to the brim after every meal time so no complaints!

The holiday plan was literally to get up, have breakfast and then lie in the sun until dinner, eat, then lie in the sun until it was time to shower and go eat some more! And then drink lots of rum. And that is what we did!
One afternoon we took the short walk up to the beach to lie by the sea and have a little swim. That sea was bloody beautiful! 
And another afternoon we headed into Rhodes Town to the Old Town area which was lovely.

Here are a few photos I took. LOOK AT HOW BLUE. 

I love you, Rhodes. Thank you for chilling me out and making me feel good. <3

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