26 October 2014


Ever since I was a lot younger I have been flicking through the Avon catalogue. Mum would always have one and I'd be obsessed with going through all the perfume pages and rubbing my wrists on the pages. And mum used to let me buy a face mask every so often from it and I probably thought I was the bees knees.
I still love having a look through the Avon when mum brings it home (her friend at work is a rep!). They have really great products and really affordable too. Their eyeshadow primer is my absolute favourite. I think it's £7 when it's full price but it always seems to have some kind of discount - I think mine was £4!

The other month I was dawn to the 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette in "Not So Neutral". It was £8 for 8 eyeshadows - bargain! - and the most perfect colours for me.
Avon can be a little off putting as you can only go off online or in a catalogue. You can't swatch so you have to hope for the best really. But I am in love with this palette..! Read on for the lowdown!

So, as the name suggests you get 8 shadows. The left half of the palette is more warm tones and the right is cool tones. There are 4 matte shades and 4 slightly shimmery shades. It is a little annoying that they don't have shade names to make this review easier for me...
BUT the shadows formulas themselves are brilliant! They are lovely and buttery and blend so well. They also have incredible lasting power. Now, I have only tried them WITH primer (the aforementioned Avon primer) so I'm not sure on their durability without it but with they don't creases or budge all day. I honestly think the formula isn't too far away from the Urban Decay shadows!
The colours are all wearable and I have used all of these.My favourite is the matte brown (2nd, top row), obviously. I also love the last colour on the top row which is a kind of shimmery brown with purple undertones. So pretty.
The first two colours on the bottom row are the colours I used in the look on this post.
As always with palettes they put in the pointless and awful applicator that usually gets binned. I use an ELF Eyeshadow C Brush to apply and the Sigma E25 for blending. Works like a dream.

All in all if you're after a neutral palette but can't stretch to the cost of the Naked palettes and you want to know you will use all the shades, definitely give this a whirl!

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