12 October 2014


I've mentioned a few times in previous posts over the last month or so that I would give you a little update on my skincare routine.
I've done a big Sunday Night Routine post at the start of the year (though it's a little outdated now..) but this is what I do to my skin on an every day basis.

You may or may not be able to tell that I enjoy products from The Body Shop... Because I've definitely never mentioned it before... Ahem.
Their products are just really good and affordable and do their job. (They aren't paying me to say that but if they need a new cheerleader, then I am available...) 


First of all, to all you crazies that don't think you need to cleanse in the morning... WHAT? You face isn't "glowy" in the morning. That is sweat. Clean yo' face!

I bought this Aloe cleanser at the last The Body Shop event I went to. I was wanting a new cleanser and I've been having huge problems with my skin this last few months so I wanted something gentle and something that wouldn't aggravate my skin even more. I have used the Tea Tree range before as that can help blemishes but I found my skin was in such a bad state the tea tree was just far too harsh for me. The Aloe range is for sensitive skin and this cleanser is lovely and creamy. I use a small blob to massage into the skin and that wash it off with some warm water.
I've also fully embraced acid toning. Acid toners may sound scary but they are great for exfoliating the skin as well and not having to use harsh scrubs. Caroline Hirons can tell you more about them: see here and here. I've learnt a lot about dealing with my skin through that wonderful lady so go give her a read! In the morning I use the Pixi Glow Tonic all over a cotton pad and then all across my face. I then flip the pad and gently buff over my spotty areas on my cheeks. I WILL BEAT YOU, ACNE.
Then to give my skin a bit of hydration for the day I use The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist. It contains rosewater and is very refreshing and soothing especially to prep the skin for the day. I try to only use 3-4 squirts but it's just so nice...!
I have only recently added in a serum and I have the Aloe Protective Serum. I have dabbled before but I've never really understood them properly but I have been learning! So the skin has many different layers and not everything you put on your skin helps all the layers. Moisturiser just sits on the top layer and will make you think your skin feels great temporarily. Serums skin further beneath the skin and then they act as a glue to keep in the moisturiser and lock in the moisture and hydration your skin needs. I've not been using this long enough to have a huge opinion but so far so good!
My moisturiser of choice currently is also from the Vitamin E range and is the Aqua Boost Sorbet. It's pretty different to other moisturisers because I don't think it looks like one and it doesn't really feel like one but I really like it. It sinks in nicely and doesn't leave a sticky face and it is so cooling and so lovely to put on in the early mornings.
I then put on a bit of lip balm and I am loving the Argan Solid Lip Oil. I only bought this a week or so back but I am obsessed. It leaves the lips so smooth and soft and it smells great too.


I love wearing makeup. I love spending time putting it on and it makes me feel great. But there is no better feeling then coming home from work and taking it all off.
I use the Camomile Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup. This is my 2nd bottle and is just incredible. It breaks down all makeup, including waterproof mascara, so easily and then I just use a face cloth and warm water to wash all the oil away. The Camomile also leaves the skin so soft. Cleansing oils that are affordable are very difficult to come by but this is £10 and lasts a decent length of time. Plus you only need 2-3 pumps to remove all makeup.

I usually take makeup off the minute I come home and then chill for a few hours before going into the evening routine. I've recently rediscovered my love for Superdrug's Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser. I actually have an Unsung Heroes post coming up about this so I won't go into too much detail now but this cleanser is so rich and creamy and I just love massaging it into my skin. I do this for a few minutes and then use warm water and a face cloth to wash it all away.
For my evening toner I have actually been using the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. You can get these from Feel Unique and that Caroline Hirons enabled this one... Similar to the Glow Tonic in that it's an acid toner but both these toners are gentle enough to get away with using everyday and twice a day. Some are far too strong for everyday use. I really like these. I find they contain a lot of product and again I wipe them all across my face and then flip the pad over ad gently buff on my spot problem areas.
I do sometimes then put on a few spritz of the Vitamin E Face Mist at this point too.
For eye cream I absolutely love Benefit's It's Potent! I've managed to get a number of samples of this so I'm yet to actually buy a full size but I most definitely will be. It's soothing on the eye area and I have noticed a bit of brightening in that area too. I guess for eye creams you can't really tell if they work until you get further on in to life..! But this feels nice to apply so that'll do for now.
Then serum in the evening is exactly the same but then I use Superdrug's Vitamin E Night Cream on top. Sometimes I do switch this up and use The Body Shop's Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil but right now I'm enjoying the night cream.
Finally, I use the Nuxe Reve de Miel on my lips. It is so worth the hype. It stays on the lips for so long and leaves them super smooth and soft. It's coming to the end of it's life though which is very upsetting!

So there we have it! That's all the steps I do on an everyday basis.

Now, I don't use scrub exfoliatiors and face masks and other things every day but around the middle of the week I might throw in a few extra products and here are my 3 favourite masks...

The Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask is a pretty new purchase. I do love a clay mask. They're definitely the best for dragging out impurities and little nasties like blackheads. This mask is one of those that warm up on the skin. It's quite an odd sensation at first but then it's nice! 5 minutes is all you really do need to leave it on for too and then wash it off and it feels great. The Origins Clear Improvements mask is quite similar in look and what it does though it doesn't warm up and you leave this for around 15 minutes. I usually reach for this one on my Sunday pamper sessions and this one is a good one for fellow acne sufferers. The final one is a nice soothing one from Superdrug. These masks are so cheap! This is the Aloe Vera De-stressing Mask and boy have I needed this lately! The mask is the same colour as the tube(!) and I usually put it on and then stick an episode of  the IT Crowd on, have a chill out and then wash away.
It's the little things that make you feel good, isn't it?!

Sorry for super long post but hope this is of some use to someone and you found it interesting. I know I love reading about people's skincare routines.
Let me know if you use anything you think I'd enjoy too.

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