5 October 2014


Time for another of my Unsung Hero products. You can see the others from so far in this series by clicking here.

Today's installment can hardly actually be called "unsung" especially in the beauty world, but I have never really sang my praises for it. So, enter The POREfessional...

The POREfessional has cult status amongst beauty bloggers and I didn't get the hype at all at first. I had only ever used it when ELLE and Glamour give away little samples with their magazines. I liked using it but I was never really bothered when I ran out.
Then one day last year I was perusing the Benefit counter as one tends to do and I just ended up buying it.
Now, this primer is not cheap. It costs £24.50 and I think that was always the thing that made me not really bothered by it. But boy, is it worth it!

This full sized tube lasts me so long! You don't need very much at all to cover the face. I think I used to go very wrong with that at first. As it's silicone based, too much can leave you a bit greasy and cakey looking - the opposite of the point of the product!
I just squeeze out a small amount and focus on my cheeks and then across my nose and on my chin. It gives a lovely smooth base for the rest of my makeup and my makeup always looks so much nicer when I use this primer.
I wasn't using my first tube every single day but the majority of the time it was used. I bought a new one when I thought it was at the end of it's life but the original tube ended up lasting me another 3 months! I definitely got my money's worth from it.
The aim of the primer is too minimise the appearance of pores. I luckily only have quite small pores (the only good thing about my skin...) but I do see a difference when I just wear this without any other make up. You can see the skin is very smooth over and kind of blurs over the pores.

If you're on the market for an excellent primer that actually does the job, then you should really try The POREfessional. The price tag is a little daunting if you don't usually pay those kind of prices for make up but with how long it took me to actually finish a full sized tube, I'd say it's probably worth it.

Have you used this primer? Do you like it?

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