3 November 2013


So this weekend I had every intention on taking a heap load of photos and scheduling some posts to go up over the next week or two but then in the very early hours of yesterday my body decided to fail and I've been in bed since. Yay me.
I woke up feeling a little better today so I took a few photos from the comfort of my bed and hopefully I will get the other posts sorted next weekend. Now that is goes dark so early, by the time I get home from work, there's no light and well, my photos aren't that great with light..!

Anyhow... on to yet another favourites post. This months is very short and sweet.

I'll start with the least glamorous product to ever feature in a beauty blog favourites post but it's my new true love... Quinoderm. Quinoderm is bought from the chemist, over the counter, and it only cost £2.79 for this tube. I'm sure you'll have guessed from skincare posts in the past that I have a constant battle with spots. I cannot get rid of them. My friend told me about this and I bought some and oh boy... literally instant results.
My spots are a million times better. I still have some and some days they come up bad but I whack some of this on and I see results within hours. If you're really having problems with spots, I would 100% recommend this but I will warn, this stuff STINGS. Not like a little sting. Like, it feels like your face is burning off. It takes a good few weeks of using it before that feeling goes away too. I don't have any problems now but they do say no pain, no gain! I also found my skins got a lot of dry patches using this so make sure you have a good exfoliator and moisturiser.

My favourite nail polishes this month are the new releases from Barry M - their matte range. I think there was about 5 shades in total but I picked up these two in Mocha and Crush. I thought they'd be the best autumn shades and I love matte nails and these are perfect. You can definitely get away with one coat and they dried quickly. I found they lasted a while too so all in all, a huge thumbs up from me.

And then lips and this baby is finally in my life. I mentioned MAC's Rebel in my previous post. Once upon a time (okay, about a year ago) I saw a BeautyCrush video and Sammii did a tutorial with the shade and I wanted it so badly. Then recently ViviannaDoesMakeup started talking about it and then I just happened to find myself in the Beauty Hall in Selfridges and then my debit card just popped itself in the machine. And then my love affair began.
I have already worn it to death. It can look a bit frightening on the bullet but one the lips its a lovely plum colour with a sort of fuchsia undertone to it - so it's not a full on purple on the lip. The finish is Satin so it can be put on quite a sheer application or built up and it has a nice glossy without being sticky finish. Beautiful!

What are your favourites this month?


  1. i really want to try the matte barry m nail polishes, i dont know if i'd like the texture though! i looove the mocha shade x

  2. That MAC lipstick is a dream! I love MAC lipsticks :) the oxblood shade of the Barry M polish looks great too - I'd love to see what it looks like on as matte polish is usually gorgeous :)
    Great post!
    Keep in touch :)
    www.lanouvellenoire.com xx


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