24 November 2013


If you've read my blog for some time you will know how much I am on the constant search for THE eyeliner. I want the most perfect liquid liner and I've have used so many brands and types and I'm always left deflated and unimpressed.
For me, I don't feel like me without a black stroke on my lash line. I mean, I don't exactly make this battle easy for myself with my criteria; I want it solid black with one stroke, I want it to last all day, I don't want it transferring up my brow bone, a good applicator making easy use and the ability to create a decent wing. So yeah, not picky really...

I've been planning this post for about 2 or so months after I was having a tidy and realised just how many liners I owned. So, I've been re-trying and testing them all to see if maybe I do already own the perfect liner...

I will start with the absolute worst ones that I own. First of all the complete worst of the worst... The Dainty Doll Mascara/Eyeliner duo. I got this off Fragrance Direct for about £2 and I am so glad I only paid that and not the original retail price of the brand. The mascara is okay, nothing dramatic but I didn't buy it for that. The liner wand/brush is brilliant. It is just what I want but the actual liquid is not very pigmented and it seemed a bit watery. It definitely didn't last all day either. So very impressed.
On to Boujois' Effacable Erasable 16 Hour Liner. I bought this a few months back as I really like one of their other liners (see further down..!) however this one was so disappointing. I think it was one of the new releases from this year but I found the consistency really gloopy and that seemed to make it take ages to dry resulting in me getting eyeliner all over my eyelid and brown bone. Not ideal. It was way too gloopy to create a wing too. The eraser that is on the other end is rubbish too! You have to press really hard and that's not a great feature for the eyes.

I forgot to include the L'oreal Blockbuster pen in these photos but my opinion on it is similar to these too. Felt tip liners are just something I cannot get used to and everyone else seems to love them. I really don't think they make things easy and I don't find them to be very pigmented at all. The Soap & Glory Supercat liner has been so raved about but I can't get used to it. It takes so long to get a good solid black line and it doesn't seem to last all that long.
The Be A Bombshell pen is definitely the best of the felt tip liners I've used. It is relatively pigmented and did last a decent amount of time but the wing/flick ability isn't all that great.
I imagine felt tip liners aren't going to be that good for those with oily eyelids either.

I've put Sleek's Dip-It and Revlon's ColorStay together as they have very similar applicators and I really like them. The actual applicator is quite short and ~sharp which I believe makes it so much easier to get a straight line and a good wing. I've only had the Revlon one for a couple of weeks but I've been reaching for it most days and I prefer the formula to Sleek's but they are incredibly similar and I would recommend them however, there's just something that means it's not THE one.
(Told you I'm fussy...)

On to the home straight and still not entirely sure if I like any of them to commit myself to it...

The Rimmel Glam Eyes liner is another I've not had for very long but I do like it. It does a pretty decent job on all the basis and is a good price but nothing about it is very WOW to me. It does seem to leave a bit of transfer on the brow bone.
The Seventeen Tattoo Me liner is a very strange invention. I did a full review here. The consistency is very thick and it's near impossible to create a wing with it. If you try, it's probably going to go wrong and this stuff can only be removed with oil based remover. If you're just after a lash line stroke, then this stuff is great. It's solid black and does last bloody ages! But it takes a while to get used to it.
In terms of gel eyeliner the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner is the only one I've tried (though there doesn't appear to be many of them on the high street?) and I do really like it. It does last and wings can be created very easily. I don't like the brush it comes with and I have found it a bit tricky to find a good brush to use with it which makes my application of it not look brilliant. Also, sometimes I do get the brow bone transfer but it only seems to have after I've left the house and then I only notice after a few hours. Fail.

Finally (and as previously mentioned) the Bourjois Liner Clubbing liner. I've been using this liner the longest and I've left it til the end which is probably testament to just stick with your original choices as they're probably the best. This gets tickets across the board. Some days I do get frustrated with the applicator because I can't get a good flick but on the whole it's pigmented, lasts well, doesn't transfer, dries quickly and I can get a flick from it so..!

Maybe I have found THE ONE after all.

Which liners do you use? Found the perfect one?

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  1. i'm the same with liquid eyeliner, i can never find one that i can apply well.
    i've actually just started using the rimmel scandel eyes thick & thin liner, and i have to say that is amazing. it's so precise and easy to use, and fairly cheap aswell!



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