5 November 2013


It's bonfire night. A night when we celebrate Parliament not being blown up by sending explosives into the sky.
I'm not planning on going to any displays this year. It's cold and I can see the local park display from my house for free!

I did create a firework inspired nail art the other day though and it seemed apt to share. This is literally the easiest nail art ever. All you need in a black, gold and glitter nail varnish.

I always use Rimmel Nail Rescue as a base coat and if I'm having a no nail varnish day or two). It definitely has helped my nails grow and stay strong. It dries super quickly too.
I then used Rimmel's 60 Seconds polish in Black Out on all my nails. I did use two coats because some came up a bit streaky but you could probably get away with one coat. These polishes are great. The brush is a nice width and they do dry very fast.
Then on my thumbs, I used a nail art brush and Models Own Gold Rush to just draw a diagonal line from the bottom corner, to almost the opposite corner.
Using Models Own Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix, I, a bit messily, put it on to the top of each nail (except the thumb) in a sort of french manicure style. Then on the thumb, I didn't put the diagonal line all the way to the other corner so I could use the glitter to look like the firework explosion.
And I finished it off with Sally Hansen's Inst-dri top coat.

Not the greatest photos, I'm afraid!

Hope you like them and if you are going out tonight, please be safe :)


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