15 June 2013


I've never had particularly long nails and over this year I've got more into painting my nails and nail art more than ever. I'm not all that good at the "art" side due to lack of creativity and shaky hands(!) but seeing hundreds upon hundreds of Instagram posts and beauty blogs, I have got serious nail envy.
I was recently in Superdrug looking for a new base coat when I came across Rimmel's Nail Rescue. The clear polish claims to strengthen and help nails to grow in 2 weeks so I was intrigued. 
I've been using it for just over the two weeks now and I'm very impressed.

I've been using it as a base coat and also on days when I'm not wearing any nail varnish I will put a coat on and I have definitely noticed results. Usually whenever my nails manage to grow, they will start getting to an almost decent length and then snap off. When I look at my hands from the palm side, I can actually see the tips of my nails over the finger on each one. This has definitely never happened before. They weirdly seem to have grown at different rates though. The little finger nail on my right hand is so much longer than the rest, but it's also the perfect length I want my nails to be so hopefully the rest will catch up soon! 
I have a really bad habit of picking my nails, especially when I'm bored, but I've not done at all since seeing how this is working. Also, the little finger in particular, I can tell they are a lot stronger and probably harder to pick/break. Super impressed!

It cost £4.59 and I would definitely recommend it if you're trying to get your nails to grow and not be so flimsy.


  1. I have serious problems with my nails so may have to give this a try!
    Frankie xx

  2. definitely going to have to try this. i have problems with my nails peeling. they get so long and split like onion skin.
    i've been using rimmel stronger which kind of helps with them being stronger where they've peeled, but it peels off too so i'm not entirely sure if it's going to help fully. ha.


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