1 June 2013


I always try to get my favourites posts up in the last week of the month so that they go up by the last date. However, I've been super busy this week with finishing work and going straight into the new job.

Only a handful of products this month as I haven't really bought all that much but I've really been enjoying all of these things.

A mini Bourjois haul happened...
I bought the Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal Foundation mainly because of essiebutton's constant raving over the Healthy Mix Serum (I wasn't aware they were different things when I purchased...). Usually with foundation I like quite full coverage but this is pretty light and sheer however, it is really buildable. I've really been loving it though. Some days I feel a bit lazy and don't want the products on my face to feel as heavy or my skin is behaving for a change, and so this is perfect. I've actually been reaching for this more than my No7 foundation this month.
I think there was an offer on Bourjois that if you spent so much you got a blush free so I picked up the infamous Magic Nail Polish Remover after everybody and their cat hyped it last year and now I can see why. 1 second is definitely pushing it but you just put your finger in it (calm your minds...) and give it a twist (...) and all the polish is removed. I HATE cotton wool (taking my make up off is SO much fun) and I hate the smell of normal remover but this smells quite nice, weirdly, and I don't have to get cotton wool stuck all over my fingers.
So then I could get a little pot of blush for free and I got the shade "34 Rose d'Or" (Rose Gold) and I'm pretty sure I've worn this every single day since I got it. It is beautiful! I definitely want to try more of these blush pots now. The colour is just so pretty.

I love the Real Techniques Buffing Brush but I felt like it just wasn't working as well with the Bourjois foundation. I bought the Expert Face Brush as it's practically the same brush but the bristles are packed more densely and so it has a smaller surface area and it's much more suitable for buffing the foundation it. I've actually not used my Buffing Brush since buying this even for any other foundation. I still love you Buffing Brush, baby!
Another brush but from ELF. Sorry it isn't clean. I did clean it last week when I was planning on taking photos but I never got round to it and then I used it. I bought he Flat Eyeliner Brush from the Mineral range and it is PERFECT. Very tiny and thin which makes it so easy to get super close to the lash line and so much better than any other angled brushes that I've got.

I attended the North West Blogger Meet Up a few weeks ago and in the goodie bag was a sample of the Vitamin C Skin Reviver from The Body Shop. I absolutely fell in love with it and had to go and buy the full size. It makes your skin so smooth and glowy. It says it can be used after moisturiser and as a make up base and I've done both these things. I sometimes use it as a primer, mainly with the Bourjois foundation, or if I'm having a no make up day I'll put this on and it really just freshens up the skin. I've also been putting some on at night either before or instead of a night cream. It smells amazing and I also really think it's helped clear up my skin a bit too. 100% recommend this!

Finally another product that everyone everywhere has raved about, including me. I'm pretty sure I've featured these Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes in previous favourites as I have a couple but I ended up buying this one this month after a girl at work was wearing it every day and I got nail envy. It's in the shade Blueberry and it's the most beautiful bright (not neon!) blue. The formula of these is incredible. You don't really need two coats if you didn't want to and they're super shiny. Love them!

So that's what I've been loving this month. Please do link me to your May Favourites or tell me what you've been loving using this month.
Also, a huge thank you to all my followers. I hit 200 today! Super happy about that! <3

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  1. I really want to try the Real Techniques brushes. I just need a decent brush set and these seem like winners all round. :) x


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