23 June 2013


I think a large majority of beauty and fashion bloggers will tell you how much they love their lip products and I am no different. I'd been keeping them just in a little plastic tub for some time but I started over filling the box and realised I needed better storage. I did a quick eBay search and found a perfect sized one and it was less than £2.50 including the postage! It came from China and it took just less than two weeks to get here, so I was impressed with that. The seller I bought from doesn't seem to have it listed anymore but you can find loads of similar ones with a quick search.
I was a bit excited when it arrived and immediately set to put all my lipsticks in it. I fill all 24 gaps straight away so now I either need to stop buying them or buy more storage. I wonder which will happen...
I can't quite decide what to do with my lip products that are longer, like the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains etc. so at the moment they are just in one of the slots of my main makeup storage, seen here.
Just looking through that makeup storage/collection post is crazy. My collection is even bigger now. I just can't stop buying new things!

Anyhow, I'm really please with this lipstick holder so I thought I may as well just give you a closer look into my lipsticks and I hope this is actually interesting to some of you.

I had to take the photos on my bed because the light it better there!

1st row: Kate Moss x Rimmel (Matte collection) 107, Kate Moss x Rimmel (Original collection) 02, Kate Moss x Rimmel (Spring collection) 20, Rimmel 320 Funtime Fuchsia, MUA Shade 11, MUA Shade 1.
2nd row: Topshop's Hazard, Beguiled, Rumour Has It, All About Me, Brighton Rock, Maybelline Color Sensational 540 Hollywood Red.
3rd row: Revlon Lip Butter's 035 Candy Apple, 096 Macaroon, Revlon Super Lustrous Créme 477 Black Cherry, Revlon Super Lustrous Matte 006 Really Red, Avon Coral Connection, Max Factor 827 Shocking Coral.
4th row: MAC Impassioned, Avon Color Trend Passion & Doll Pink, Collection 5 Pretty Please & 6 Sugar Pink, Sleek True Colour Matte 786 Vamp

It's really very difficult to decide my favourites from this lot. The Kate Moss x Rimmel 107 is probably definitely up there. There was huge hype over it when it was released and it's the perfect winter colour (though I wear it all the time) and it lasts forever. Topshop lipsticks really are amazing. They're so moisturising and they have a great colour range. Beguiled is similar to the 107 but it's not matte. 
I have recently bought the Maybelline one and I'm really liking it. It's definitely not red though. When I swatched it, it seemed quite a cherry colour but on the lips it's quite a dark pink. It's very pretty though and it's very buildable. I'm also loving the Avon 'Coral Connection' one at the moment. I seem to be reaching for that most days.
The Max Factor one was from one of those sale bin things in Tesco. I don't know if all Tesco's are doing it but mine has a huge stand with discounted make up. I think it must be discontinued lines because I can't find this on the Max Factor website but they still do this colour, but with different packaging. The colour of it though is lovely and bright and will be amazing if it ever gets sunny here!
The name of the MAC lipstick appears to have worn off the label... I'm really really wanting more at the moment but I feel so bad spending £14 on a lipstick and I can't decide on just one colour. I may have to treat myself though, you know for getting a full time job and all...

ELF Mineral Moistuising Lip Tint Cherry, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain 005 Crush Béguin, 
ELF Matte Lip Color Coral & Rich Red, Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang

These are just the few extra lip products I've got (at the moment...)
I got the ELF Lip Tint as a free gift with an order and I really like it for days when I'm being lazy just for a tiny bit of colour. It's really good for when your lips are really dry too. Also, it tastes AMAZING.
I was so late to the Revlon bandwagon but so glad I eventually jumped on it. The JBKBS are wonderful. They're just like huge crayons! So quick and easy to use. They're quite sheer so they can be built up if you want more colour. If I do, I tend to put a lip liner on first and then this over the top and then I don't have to keep building it for ages to get the colour pay off I want.
The ELF Matte Lip Color's are again like crayons. Sometimes I use them as lip pencils, especially the coral one as to me it isn't actually coral and it's far too pale for me. I usually wear the MUA shade 11 or Topshop's Rumour Has It over the top of it. I love the Rich Red one though and it lasts all day. Even when I eat and drink, it hardly needs any topping up.
And then the hugely hyped Apocalips. I hardly wear it that much but I do really like it. It just gets so messy and I'm usually rushing in a morning and don't have time to be precise and slow. A little definitely goes a long way with it though. Just make sure to check your teeth before you leave the house!

There we go! What are your favourite lipsticks?


  1. I've never seen these, which is unusual because I pretty much live on eBay! I'll definitely have to get one, though.

    Maxine, xx

  2. glad you found a nice way to organise them! i love how you have so many different colours - my collection surrounds itself around a few different shades of two colours, i'm not daring enough to go all over the spectrum!

    1. Until about 6 months ago, I only had different variations of bright pink aha!

  3. You have so many TopShop lippies, I am so jealous! The storage is really cute too, how fab you got it for £2.50! :) x


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