29 June 2013


This week I received a pretty big ELF order (yes, another one...) and I was just going to do an ELF haul post for you. However, I went to town today (it was payday after all - and my first of being back on a full time wage!) and I may have popped into Superdrug so I decided just to combine all my recent make-up purchases for you. How lucky for you!

I will start with my ELF goodies though. I've done a couple of ELF hauls before and you'll know by now that I really love the brand. So cheap and the products and usually always fab! They had an offer on that if you spent £20 you could get a free goodie bag of products worth £25. That is an offer I was not willing to let slip by. So, when the huge box arrived the other day I was dying to see what was inside it.

When I opened the box to see all of this, I did a little squeal and it was honestly better than Christmas.

First, the products I actually ordered. I restocked on the Maximum Coverage Concealer that I reviewed here. I still have a good amount left but everytime I go on the ELF website, it's usually sold out so whilst it was in stock I thought I may as well stock up. I also got the mini eyelash curlers. I've had my eyelash curlers forever. Literally. I'm pretty sure I got them when I was about 11 in some rubbish gift set. I've been using these since I got them and oh my god! They are amazing! The clamp (is that the right word?!) is tiny so it doesn't cover the whole lash line but it make it so you can get into the corner lashes nicely. The result is amazing; they make my lashes seem even longer and really brightens my eyes.
I was intrigued by the Tone Correcting Powder. I got it in 'Cool' and I wore it today as my powder and my make up has stayed so nice all day. My face didn't go shiny at all and I didn't have any red bits poking through which sometimes happens. I may review this in a few weeks once I've got the hang of it!
I've been getting really in to blush lately and I keep wanting to try cream blushers so I got this one in the shade 'Flirt'. I haven't used it yet but so impressed with the size of it! I thought it would just be a little tub. My MUA eye primer is running out so picked this up and it's £1 cheaper than MUA! I'm not sure why I got he Clarifying Pressed Powder to be honest but I got the shade 'Ivory' and I tried it but it's way to yellow for me and I had to give it to my sister. And I finally got an ELF lipstick! I got the shade 'Fearless' which is a lovely red and it smells INCREDIBLE. It feels really nice to apply and it lasted a good couple of hours.

And this was my free goodie bag! I nearly bought the little eyeshadow duo so I was really pleased with that and the blush, which is in the shade 'Glow' is lovely and really pigmented - I've been wearing it today. It's sort of a blush/highlighter hybrid. I already have a Mineral Lip Tint in 'Cherry' so I was really happy to get this one in the shade 'Blush'. The eyeliner pen is something I can't make my mind up about. I don't usually like felt tip eyeliners but this has a really good, strong nib. It's in the shade 'Coffee' and I never wear brown eyeliners and it's also waterproof which I'm not a fan of but I'm going to give this a try and see how it goes.
The Luscious Liquid Lipstick is a pretty odd device. The colour is lovely but not sure I like the applicator all that much but I do enjoy trying lip products so hopefully I will love this.
The shimmer sheets were the things that scared me the most, particularly as they're in the shade 'Bronze' and the brown on the packaging made the think it was going to be so dark. They're actually just sheets with a bit of shimmer on them and you can just dab them on the top of the cheeks, or wherever you want to shimmery highlight. I tried it out of curiosity and it actually looks very pretty. Probably more at night time, not sure it would suit a day time look!
Not sure I can work with the green eyeliner and dark green eyeshadow and as for the wipes, they seem nice but not a fan of coconut so hopefully the smell isn't too strong.
Very decent goodie bag though! Thanks, ELF!

And then on to today's purchases. I went to Superdrug and then later on I went into Boots and saw they had buy one get one half price or something on all the make up. Gutted.

I needed a restock of the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and the Collection concealer and there was an offer on that if you bought something from Collection you got a free nail polish too. I chose the shade '63 Shadow' which is a chocolate brown colour. There didn't seem to be much of a selection but free is free!
This year I've been trying different mascaras but it seems the Maybelline Falsies was my holy grail for a reason. I've gone back to it; no other mascara I tried gave as much length and volume as this baby. Maybelline also had an offer that you bought one thing and the second was half price so I decided on a Colour Tattoo in the shade 'On and On Bronze' which I know is a blogger favourite. I have the 'Permanent Taupe' one and I really like that one.
I've been wanting the Sleek Blush by 3 from the new Candy Collection since it was released. There's a cream blush and two powder blush in some lovely pink shade (see, told you I was liking blushers!) and Sleek have amazing blushes. They're so pigmented so very excited to try these out.
And finally I had no intention of ever buying the MUA Undress Me Too palette, which is supposed to be a Naked 2 dupe. I have the Undressed palette by them (a supposed dupe of Naked) but I walked past the stand, it caught my eye and the next thing it was in my hand and then I was at the till. I really like the new white packaging though!

And on that note this is my formal notice of make-up ban. I have completely ran out of room. I have come to realise that I don't actually need anything else so I am going to use up everything I have. I promise to be good and unless something like foundation etc runs out I won't buy anything! So bloggers, please can you not hype anything for a while so I don't get tempted..!


  1. I haven't tried either of the MUA palettes yet, but I've heard so many good things about them.

    Maxine, xx

  2. Oh I have the same problem when it comes to special offers & 'if you spend so much you'll get whatever free' - I'm a absolute sucker for them!

    I have the MUA palette & the Maybelline Colour tattoo eyeshadow, I personally love them both, I hope you enjoy them too :)

    Emily xx


  3. when you said they gave you a goody bag i was thinking it would be one or two items - the actual one is huge! and they all look so pretty aswell, definitely going to check them out :)

  4. Wow, so much make-up! haha. I love ELF too :)
    Frankie xx


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