26 May 2013


How lovely is the weather today?! Pretty much unheard of for a bank holiday weekend, surely? Even more unheard of is that I actually have the bank holiday off work! And as I mentioned in the previous post, I have a new job. I leave my current one on Thursday so today was the only, and last chance, I had to use my staff discount card so I had to go and take advantage of that...

A good half of it was me actually (kind of...) being sensible and buying work clothes. And I also bought my sister some things from Topshop but on to my purchases..!

I wrote in the last post how I was after a striped top and I took a trip to the retail park a couple of days ago and found it in there. The stripes are navy but they're very close to being black so I won't feel too out of order by wearing black at the same time as it.
I picked up the grey jersey skater dress today. I already have it in a deep purple and I practically live in it so thought it made sense to buy another colour. They are the comfiest dresses ever.

I rarely buy anything from Miss Selfridge anymore but I saw this as I was leaving the store and I really like the cut out detail on the front. I was pretty impressed that it was only £18 full price too. As you can see though, the material is super crease-y, which I usually avoid, but it'll look nice with some of the other bits I bought today.

Then I popped into H&M. The burgundy top was £6.99 (I think) and it just a basic tee but I fell in love with the colour. Then another crease-prone blouse... The colour is a really pale baby blue; really nice and this will probably be at the work wear side of the wardrobe. I think this one was about £12.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, I have bought jeans!! This is a big deal. Really. I have some of the Dorothy Perkins black jeggings (which are actually super comfy and are really good quality) which I wear at work when it's just too early for me to function and pick something decent to wear but I never wear them when I'm out of work. I've been eyeing up the infamous Topshop Leigh jeans for a month or so now so I decided to try some today, and also be brave and get a light denim rather than black, and I actually really liked them. It did seem strange seeing me in jeans but the fit of them is quite similar to the aforementioned jeggings but they're even softer. I'm sure I'll feature them in an outfit post one day.

More trousers?! (Feels weird saying "trousers" instead of "pants" but I don't want to confuse any Southerners! ;) ) Pretty boring black trousers for work that I got from Dorothy Perkins. They're a skinny fit and actually feel really nice on.

Both these blazers were £11 in the Primark sale (only down from £15 like...) I've been wanting a few blazers for work but I want full sleeves and most are cropped sleeves. These are perfect for what I want. I didn't want black because I already have one and I wanted them to be quite lightweight and not too structured as well (not asking much clearly.) Absolutely love the blue one. The colour hasn't shown up as nicely on camera  but it is lovely.

And finally... of course I had to get a lipstick! I also had mentioned this in the wishlist post. I think I swatched all the lipsticks I don't already have. My hand looked ridiculous! I stuck with my original choice and bought the shade "Hazard".
I think I may have to listen to my friends now and stop buying lipstick. Definitely run out of room now.

So I am all spent up and have a new wardrobe ready for office work! Very very excited to properly start. I only have three shifts left in retail which does seem a little scary seeing as working in a shop is all I've done since I was 16 but onwards and upwards!


  1. You've picked up some amazing things!

  2. I love the TopShop dress! They're so perfect for the day. Your blazers are gorgeous too! I need some more. The lipstick is gorgeous red shade, I love it! :) x

  3. Surprised the blazers came from Primark, might have to get myself from there...
    And here was me thinking my £30 ASOS one was a bargain!


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