12 May 2013


I posted a little haul of things I bought from ELF way back in September and I have bought things from them since then and this week I found myself back on the website yet again and I saw there was a discount code running so this happened...

Angled Eyeliner Brush | Flat Eyeliner Brush | Lip Primer & Plumper | Nourishing Cuticle Pen | Blush 'Giddy Gold' | Healthy Glow Bronzer 'Matte Bronze' | Matte Lip Color 'Rich Red' & 'Coral'

ELF is an online makeup store that sell cheap, and actually good, makeup and brushes. Sure, you get the odd dud product but for the prices you can't grumble. Also, the delivery is super quick. Depending on what time you order, it generally comes the next day.

I already have quite a good few ELF brushes that I use all the time. The Angled Eyeliner Brush is from the Studio range and was £3.75 and the Flat one if from the Mineral range and is currently in the sale for £3. All the brushes I already have are from the Studio range and they're all so soft and they wash well but I'd never bought any of the Mineral brushes. At full price they are usually £6 which, is still crazy cheap, but decided to try this out. I have a couple of angled brushes I use for when I line the lid with eyeshadow but they aren't great so hopefully this will do a better job.

I've got really into doing my nails nicely and all this nail art jazz but I'm so bad at taking nail varnish off. I just pick at it until it's all off and my nails look a bit horrible now which makes me sad. This cost me a measly £1.50 so if it doesn't make them look nice and healthy it won't be the end of the world. I might review it when I've used it for a while!
I'm not sure why I bought the Lip Primer & Plumper. Probably because you had to spend over £20 to get 20% off. This cost £3.75 and one end is a primer for lipstick (there's primers for everything these days, isn't there?!) and the other end is one of those balm type things that make your lips all tingly and supposedly makes them seem fuller. I hate my thin lips so we'll see how we get on with this.

These Matte Lip Colo(u)rs are also from the Studio line and are usually £3.75 but they were in the sale at £2.50. I bought these after watching one of Emma Pickles videos were she raved the 'Rich Red' one. She said that they last all day and posted a photo on Instagram of the wear of it and I say you can never have too many lip colours so I bought two. The 'Coral' one doesn't seem all that coral. It's definitely more of a peachy-nude but still seems pretty. Looking forward to trying them out.

When they bronzer arrived, I was a bit scared by the colour. It seems a lot darker than I thought it would be but I swatched it and it doesn't seem over pigmented so it should be okay as a contour powder. This again was inspired by Emma as I noticed she uses it for contouring and she looks incredible. This was £1.50 too so cheap enough to try out. I can always give it my sister if it is too dark for my Casper skin.
Finally, the blush is in the shade 'Giddy Gold' and was also £3.75. The colour is impossible to take a photo of but I was also quite scared of it when it arrived. I was imagining it more to be a highlighter shade but it seems really orange. When I swatched it though the colour was really lovely. I've got other ELF blushes and I really like those so hopefully this will be just as good. I love how they've put their logo into the blush now as well. The other I have doesn't have that.

There's a code on the ELF Facebook page which lasts all of May if any of you want any new goodies for yourself.


  1. ELF def has some real good stuff <3 Lovely haul x

  2. Looks good! I haven't actually tried elf, looks like i'm missing out x


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