25 November 2012


I love reading these types of posts and as I just decided to sort my bag out, decided now was a good a time as any to showcase mine.

Bag; Matalan

I've only had this bag for about a month and I don't really like it that much. I like big bags but this is too big and I prefer long straps on bags so I can put it over my shoulder. This is just a hassle. But I like the stud design on it. May have to hunt down a long bag strap for it!

Not much in it now that I've taken out all the loose change and old receipts (which make the size of it even more annoying).

  • I only actually got the hat this week from Matalan. I think it was £5. Totally in love with it. I'm not really a hat person but I have wanted one for a while now.
  • BILLS. Ugh. I have to keep my statements in my bag as soon as I get them so that I remember to pay them on pay day.
  • Got this purse about a year ago after mum treated me. Perfect size and loads of card slots which is definitely needed.
  • Probably shouldn't really show/talk about my place of work but that is my lanyard and I will lose it if I take it out so it has to stay there.
  • Make up bag... although some things have changed a bit, there's a post HERE about that.
  • Also got the gloves from Matalan the other day and they were £4. You can use touch screen phones whilst wearing them. My mind was blown! No more cold fingers on the way to and from work!
  • Got these sunglasses at the start of the year from Primark. Probably not necessary for this time of year but when I start work early the sun is sometimes coming up and when I'm driving it blinds me! So they need to be in my bag at all times.
  • Old, beaten up compact mirror. Should probably think about buying a new one really. All the gems have come off this with how much it's thrown around in my bag.
  • Always need throat sweets and Nuerofen! My supply is quite low at the moment with being ill the majority of the month... my immune system sucks!
  • Anti-bacterial hand wash... not much explanation needed.
  • Keys! Well, I say keys. There's my house key and car key and then a million and one keyrings. And I still manage to never be able to find them in my bag even though it's that bulky!
  • Earphones and phone because I can't even do the 10 minute walk from where I park to the shop without listening to music.

Let me know if you've done one of these posts recently so I can have a read!


  1. Fiirst I love the bag!! ♥
    And cute keychain! :)

    The Misty Mom

  2. I love the hat! Such a shame they don't suit me, I love little posts like this too! x

  3. Great bag! And I'm definitely lovin' the toy story keychains. Super cute. (;

    The Scarlet Jamie

  4. i love the bag, shame about the strap though!
    and look at little woody, aw!
    i love your blog, new follower mrs!
    hope you're well,
    please pop over if you can, i'd love to chat some more.
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx

  5. Love the bag...got matching make up bag too you haha :)
    Love your blog xx



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