15 November 2012


Earlier this year House of Holland teamed up with Superga to put their own spin on the infamous brand. I love Henry Holland and when I saw the shoes I really loved them. Being canvas pump types, they aren't really something I usually wear and the original £72 price tag put them a bit out of my reach. I noticed last week that they were £40 on sale and I knew at that price they wouldn't be available much longer so I bit the bullet and bought them. I ended up getting them off the Superga website because my size were sold out on the HOH website but, if you liked the Superga Facebook page you got a (really random) 3% off. Every penny counts these days! It did suggest getting a size smaller because they're massive so I did and I'm glad because even the size smaller is a teeny bit big but I can handle that.

I am literally in love with them!

(Now apologies for the next photos. There's nowhere at all in my house/room to get decent outfit photos. Especially with bad winter lighting.)

Here's what I have worn today...

 Jumper; H&M | Shirt; Vault | Skirt; Topshop | Tights; Topshop | Bracelet; New Look | Shoes; House of Holland x Superga | Nails; Barry M 'Prickly Pear' + Rimmel nail tip whitener

The shirt is from a little shop that's local to where I work but I'm more than sure there's similar things all over the high street. Or you could get a black collared shirt from Primark and some spike studs off eBay and you're sorted!
Also, the jumper is something I bought at the start of the year. They were only £8 but I could only afford one at the time. I went back after I had been paid to get more colours but they'd all sold out.

They are the most comfy shoes I have ever worn. It's a shame I won't get away with wearing them for work but I'm sure whenever I'm not there, I will be living in these for a very long time.

Sorry for a very photo heavy blog but I needed to share my love.
Hope everyone is fine and dandy!



  1. Really like the shoes, unique :)
    I'm new to blogging and would love it if you could check out my blog and if ya enjoy maybe follow!

    x x x

  2. I absolutely love these, they look amazing with your outfit :) I've been eyeing up the House of Holland Supergas in white & lilac with polka dots, love them!



  3. Love this outfit, it's really well put together :)

  4. Love these shoes, I want a pair.


  5. just stumbled across your blog & i absolutely adore your style! this outfit is so perfect, i love it! xo


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