28 April 2013


It's not been that long since my last one of these posts but I was quite in the mood to do another and I also couldn't believe I've done a good handful of these posts now and still not done one for Alexa Chung. I hate to use this expression, but I know she's very much a "marmite person". I personally love her! Ever since I first saw her back in the day on T4. She looks amazing all the time. She has the best clothes and I'm forever jealous of her.



Alexa pretty much is always relatively casually dressed. She's very much a lover of the ol' printed tee and denim shorts combo and then giving it a quirky twist with some socks and sandals.



For when she attends events, Alexa often injects a bit of extra colour into her outfits whilst still looking effortlessly chic. The makeup colours in particular are perfect for Spring/Summer.

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