22 April 2013


Yesterday I attended the North West Blogger Meet Up in Preston which was wonderfully organised by Claire. It was so nice that there was finally a meet up where I live and not hundreds of miles away in London.
We all met up in Moka and had a drink and a bite to eat and had a good chat with each other before moving on to a couple of the local boutiques. Claire had also put together a little goodie bag for us all, which was too kind so we had a rummage through those and here's what we got....

We got some little samples and a couple of invitations to The Body Shop events, that the lovely Rachelle got for us. I'm very excited to try all these things out.

And we got some lovely pieces from The Vintage Set, Retro Rehab & Carnaby and Campbell. So kind and so very appreciated! I particularly love the cute floral earrings from Retro Rehab.

We split up so not to overcrowd each shop and went to browse Coco Boo and Retro Rehab.
I'm from Preston and I never really go down the side streets where these shops are in town and I'm definitely going to start doing. Coco Boo is beautiful and has some lovely clothes. I really liked a dress in there but unfortunately it suited the hanger much better than my body. Then Retro Rehab is wonderful! It's full of lovely vintage clothes and really decent prices. I was very impressed. We had a bit of time to kill so we nipped in to Primark but I think we were all pretty disappointed on the whole with there on this day. I know Primark can be very hit and miss and Preston's isn't that great but there was literally nothing in that caught my eye. Probably best as far as my bank account goes, mind.
Then we ended the day in a local cupcake shop called Strictly Cupcakes. I'd never even heard of it but it is beautiful! It's decorated in such a cute way and I was just staring at everything and then the cupcakes... wow. Amazing! I had a Malteaser cupcake and some homemade lemonade which was amazing! And it was pretty cheap; only cost £3 for the cake and drink! Definitely going to have to go back there very soon and try all the other cupcakes.


As I'm a bit of a fail blogger, I forgot to take my camera so I don't actually have any photos (other than an Instagram of my cupcake, obviously) so I've had to pinch a couple of the other girls photos.
All the girls was so lovely and just too cool! Hopefully there'll be more meet ups in the future and a massive thanks to Claire for organising everything.

Why, fringe? WHY? Curse you, rain!

I should have probably done outfit photos before I left because Preston being Preston, we all got drenched!

Shirt; Primark | Skirt; Miss Selfridge | Collar tips; eBay | Rings; both Topshop | Nails; Rimmel x Kate Moss Salon Pro '713 Britpop' + Barry M nail art pen

Really been getting into nail art, though I'm not very creative so this is the best I could do!

I did also have my faux leather jacket from Miss Selfridge and my House of Holland Supergas on but I only took these photos when I got home and I was being lazy! Also the rain did awful things to my fringe so no face photo I'm afraid.

Photo from Claire's Instagram


  1. Aw lovely post lady. So glad I finally got to meet you! Definitely not the ladt one I'm sure. xx

  2. Oh I'm so disappointed! How do I keep missing these meetups that are so close to where I live :( xx


  3. Lovely post <3 It actually made my day :) xxx

  4. Was so lovely to meet you, I had such a good day too! I can't resist any longer and I'm going back to meet a friend at the cupcake shop tomorrow ehem, dying to try the terrys chocoalte orange one mmm. That fox ring is really sweet that you've got in the goodybag!

    louisejoyb x


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