16 April 2013


I thought I'd do something a little different from the usual post today. I am the nosiest person so I love posts and videos from other bloggers like this. Anything from their make up collections to what they have in their bathroom.
My room is constantly a mess. I put it down to having the smallest amount of space to actually move in. For the purpose of these photos, I did a quick "swipe everything under the bed" move to make it look a little more ready for public viewing.

When you first walk into my room, this is your immediate view.

Everything in my room is pretty cramped and there's not enough room for more than one person at a time but I love it. It's cosy and makes me happy. 
I've had the last week or so off work and top of my to do list was to empty my wardrobe and get rid of loads of clothes. Still not done it. It's starting to bulge a little..!

So then I have my full length mirror which I love a bit too much. I have no idea where it's from; my uncle gave it me many years back. I got the little fairy lights from B&M bargains and they were pretty cheap and they had a few different colours. I love The Beatles and I got the Abbey Road photo from the gift store at the Beatles Story museum in Liverpool. Above it is just a sign saying "Think of a wonderful thought" and the two stars from Peter Pan. I've been wanting it tattooed for quite a while.
The certificate you can see reflected in the mirror is because when I was at school, a poem I wrote was published. It's super embarrassing and possibly the worst poem ever written!
On top of the chest of drawers (which either need replacing or I need less clothes because all the drawers are falling off...) I have my TV, freeview box and DVD/VHS combo (oh yeah..!). I literally refuse to not have a video player. I have too many to not own one. I'm currently making my way through the Ugly Betty boxset which is why that is on there.
The clock was also from B&M Bargains but about a year ago and it was only about £3. It's so cute!

This little figurine on top of the TV is something I got from my birthday last week. I love Disney (this will become more clear further on in this post...) and my mum knows how much I love Belle. This has been designed by a pop artist called Romero Britto and I love it. I think it's so different and lovely.

I got two helium balloons for my birthday so I'm sort of just letting them float around my room until they deflate. I did leave the weights on them but as you can see with the whole not having space to move in my room, they were getting in the way.

This isn't really ideal but it's the only place I can think to put all of this stuff, in the gap between the chest of drawers and the wardrobe. I have this CD tower from Argos with all my CDs in. I don't tend to buy any anymore, I just buy them digitally but I still love my little collection. I think the lamp is from Tesco but now I have the fairy lights I don't actually use it. Plus, where it is now, it doesn't actually provide any light to any part of the room!
The jewellery stand was a gift from a few years ago and all my rings are hung on it. Again, not ideal as I can't reach it all that easily.

This is the part I hate the most. I'm always thinking of how I can rearrange my room to give me space for some shelving or something to store all of this stuff in. But for now, all of my skin care, hair care, body stuff and perfumes have to go in this gap on the floor.

I somehow managed to fit a desk and chair in my room after I moved it all around last year. Another reason I need some kind of storage space for the skin/hair care bits is so I can also put all my makeup somewhere organised to. I love the storage I have. I got it off eBay and I did a post a while ago on that. It just takes up all my desk space.
The little drawers in my desk are totally full of junk! They are full of belts and hair brushes and receipts. The bottom drawer though has all my nail polishes in. They all did have paper on the top with their colour painted on but a lot of them have fallen off since. And they were all in colour order but as I've bought new ones I can never be bothered reorganising it.
Then I have my laptop and my iPad just sits here when I'm not using either. I have a bit of a 'thing' about things with the Union Jack on them (as will become apparent) and I love this iPad case which is also off eBay.
My leather jacket just hangs on the back of my chair and the chair looks so grubby because when my sister's dog was a puppy he lived with us and he chewed up everything.

Yes. Yes that is a One Direction cushion... My sister bought it me for my birthday because she thinks she's HILARIOUS. (I do actually like 1D but I'm trying to be cool by pretending I don't, shush.) I also like cushions. A lot. I don't know why because I don't have any room for them. All this stuff gets thrown on the floor when I go to bed.
Also, the Union Jack thing... iPad cover, scarf hanging on the wall, cushion, bed covers...
Then on my bed is where Sulley and Mickey Mouse sleep (yes, I am 21...) I got Mickey from Edinburgh and he has an "I love Edinburgh" top on. Hoping to get a Minnie Mouse one when I go back in August.
And then there is my Stitch onesie. It's the best thing I own. I got it on eBay and it was a bit pricey but I practically live in it. I have quite a few Stitch related items and the one on the floor is one of the huge soft toys from the Disney Store. Mum actually found him in a charity shop for like £4! It has the official Disney Store logo on it too! He's wearing a hat I got with the programme when I saw Disney on Ice (still 21...)

Opposite my bed is my bookshelf but it doesn't really seem to serve that purpose. I'm not a big reader and I wish I was but I just can't get in to it the same as I could when I was a kid.
On the wall at the top I have a drawing of Belle by my friend, Rachel and the Little Mermaid painting is by my friend, Katy.
So, the Disney thing... my mum does nothing but encourage me because she buys them whenever she goes in a charity shop and now I'm running out of room! I got the Woody doll for my birthday last year and Mr Potato Head this year and he actually comes with dressing up outfits as Buzz and Woody. Also got the little Game of Throne figurine of Daeneyrs this year which is too cute. I have a few rings and earring on the shelf too.

I mentioned how I have some films on VHS which are pretty much all my Disney classics and a couple of other ones. I just cannot part with this. I'm hoping one day they will become rather valuable... After the VHS' is a few random little figurines I've got over the years that have quite a fair bit of sentimental value to me and even though they're kind of pointless I just cannot get rid of them. I am a little bit of a hoarder. I've got Neville Longbottom's wand and the packaging of a chocolate frog from when I visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour last year and there is a Hufflepuff scarf hanging on the side that I got for my birthday this year. Finally on that shelf is a Rapunzel pencil case that my friend Bethan bought me.

All my videos and DVDs are in alphabetical order because I get a bit freaked out if they aren't. There's a few cheeky bottle of alcohol dotted around that I also got for my birthday and there's nowehere else for them.
Shamefully, the only shelf on my bookcase for books is the bottom one and I haven't even got round to reading all of them.
My cute Minnie Mouse slippers are from Primark a couple of months ago so they may still have them.
Down the side of my bookcase there is a little meerkat that I got when I bought my car insurance and the other side is my sheep hot water bottle that I've had for absolute years.

These cupboards are where the cistern is so lucky me gets loads of noise in her room whenever anyone flushes the toilet or runs a bath. Everyone's bedding is also kept in there but on the front I have my jewellery board that I made a good 10 years ago from a notice board. It really needs de-cluttering!
Then I have a mini canvas of Belle that mum bought (I don't think she's okay with me growing up...) and my friend Katie drew the little poster when she stopped at my house a few years ago.

So there we go! It's tiny and cosy but I love it. I'm very much a hermit and when I come home from work I just sit in here all night.
I am looking forward to being able to get my own place so I can spread all of this stuff out though!

Congratulations if you managed to actually read all of this and I'm sorry for all of the rambling.


  1. Oh my god I need your stitch onesie! I found on on ebay for about £25 (yesterday actually), and was debating it but I just think £25 is a lot (I'm a bit tight with my money haha).

    Maxine, xx

    1. mine ended up costing me around £20 too. It's steep but I love it so much. I tried properly searching but I couldn't get any cheaper :) xx

  2. OMG!!! Girl I'm loving your movies collection and those stuff toys are so cute <3

  3. Your room is so cute! I can't believe I've thrown out my Mulan video, I want it back now. Your nail varnishes look so tidy, much the opposite of mine heh! :) x

  4. i have that ipad case! i have so much stuff in my flat with the union jack on too. love it; that was the best thing about the jubilee... so much union jack stuff for cheap!

  5. Your room is so cute! I'm such a simplistic person, my room looks like it has nothing in compared to yours :( haha

    1. I wish I was more simplistic and minimal! I love minimalism but I'm totally incapable of it! Doesn't help with how tiny the room is :')

  6. Hahaha 1D cushion! I totally get your sister's sense of humour. Big fan of the Beatles poster and the Sully on your bed!

    Lovely to meet you today, I hope you had a great day.

    1. She's making it difficult for me to pretend not to like 1D... aha!

      Great meeting you too! I did and I hope you did too x


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