9 September 2013


This week the onesie got brought back out of hiding along with fluffy socks and jumpers. Yes, summer has ended and the rain has restarted. Autumn is definitely my favourite season. I am quite fond of some good knitwear. 
I've been in such a big mood to buy lots of new clothes lately but there doesn't seem to be anything out that I really want. I have put together a small wishlist though, all of which I think are very practically choices...

The other day it rained so hard and I put my boots on and ended up with very soggy feet. Today I noticed it was probably due to the split that has formed right down the sole of the boot... I think it's time for new boots. Everyone and their dog seems to be talking about the New Look cut out boots. I'm glad the rest of the high street have caught on to the cut out boots as I really can't justify the Topshop price now I don't have a staff discount card. And I love everything about the burgundy H&M ones. AND I think it's probably necessary to have boots in two different colours, just in case... yes? Yes!
How cosy does that jumper look?! I am in love. The colour will go with everything too and I know I'll end up living in it.
I like stripes. I'm so drawn to anything that has striped. I have tops like this but THIS is one that I've been picturing in my head for oh so long and now I have found it. I'm not usually keen on half sleeves but I love this. 
I have decided I need a trench coat in my life, too. This way I can pretend to be Emma Stone/a Burberry model. Now obviously, the Burberry trench would be more ideal but I may need to settle for spending less than £40 in H&M for now.
And of course there was going to be a lipstick! Topshop has named this one Really Ruby yet the colour is described as raspberry and from the swatch I would say that's a perfect colour description but, calling it Ruby seems odd. Anyhow, the colour looks beautiful. I usually venture more to the deep colours for lips when the weather gets colder but I am sure I can make an exception for this.

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  1. I would love all of these things in my wardrobe right now please! The same thing happens to my boots every single year... what a good excuse to go out and buy some more though eh x

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