13 September 2013


This week has been long and stressful and I've been feeling totally "meh" but I got home from work, ready to chill for the weekend and saw that this months Glossybox has arrived and got incredibly excited.
It's only through writing this post that I've realised I skipped blogging about last months box. I can't exactly remember why but I know it didn't exactly blow me away. To be honest, everything except the eyelash curlers (which are really great!) are still in the box. Oops...

But take a look at September's offering!

The September Glossybox is "The London Edition" with London Fashion Week having kicked off today (come back next week for my round up on that!) and this box is so far up my street, it's ridiculous. To start with, the actual box itself... I am still a sucker for anything with the Union flag on it. I feel that trend may have been and gone but I love it. I really like the Glossyboxes that are different from the usual pink ones, because I like storing things in them and it's nice having different ones for different things.

And the contents..!

You pay £10 plus postage for these boxes and with what is in mine this month, I have got a super bargain.
First up is the Eyelure Pre-glued Lashes. I'm not a false eyelash wearer. My lashes are fairly long and curled naturally so I don't feel I need them. I have tried them once before and had a super fail. I'm looking forward to trying these though and seeing how I get on with pre-glued ones. And Eyelure are known for being giants in the false eyelashes world so high hopes for them.
Next up is a Classic Shine Gloss Serum from Toni & Guy. Another giant in their field of work and I've never tried any of their products so again, looking forward to trying this.
The eyeliner is from a brand I've never heard of... Be A Bombshell Cosmetics. I'm guessing it's American as the leaflet that gives the product descriptions says the eyeliner retails at $14! It's one of the felt tip pen type eyeliners in the shade Onyx. I am never a fan of these eyeliner types. I find they're never black enough and they just don't last. But I tested this on my hand and I was quite impressed so I'm excited to give it a whirl tomorrow. There will no doubt be a review in the future.
The item I'm most excited about being in the box is the blusher from HD Brows. Now, I know about HD Brows, though never having tried them, but I was actually aware they had a wider make up range. The shade of the blusher is "Blusher 2" and is a lovely burnt rose colour. It's a full sized product and costs £17.95 so I'm really chuffed with that and hopefully it lives up to expectation.
Finally, a perfume sample. I got a perfume sample in the last box but it was just in one of the teeny tubes. This is one that's in those mini bottles. It's called Untold by Elizabeth Arden and it's actually a very pretty scent. I'm rubbish at describing perfume smells but this isn't something I would usually go for, but I am pleasantly surprised. My mum really likes it too though so I may find that it might end up going missing...

Have you had anything different in your Glossybox this month?

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