31 August 2013


Forever on the hunt for the perfect liquid eyeliner and forever failing to find The One. I was told by a friend about this one and was intrigued. I think it was around £4 from the Seventeen make up collection in Boots.
The product says it is semi-permanent and lasts for 48 hours. Now, I can't really comment on this as I've never left it on this long and nor do I see why you would need that much wear time out of any make up. However, once it's on a dried it doesn't not budge in the slightest. The consistency of this stuff is pretty gloopy and thick but it is reasonable easy to apply. I really like the applicator of this; it's very thin and sturdy. It does take longer than regular liquid liner to dry so you have to make sure you don't blink too much or you get it on your brow bone and then you're doomed. but like I said, once it is dry, it is there forever* (*until you take it off. Or 48 hours...)
The tube does tell you that you need an oil based eye make up remover to get it off. I use the Garnier 2-in-1 makeup remover anyway which was handy but it really is the only way to get it off. It won't come off with normal make up remover.

I am glad I've got it and I will continue using it. A few people have commented on how it looks too so that's nice but this still isn't The One.

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