31 August 2013


Yep, that time again. When your blog and youtube feeds are overloaded with favourite products and I would hate to disappoint by not putting in my two cents...

Simple Kind To Skin Facial Wash | Simple Anti-blemish Moisturiser | La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo | L'Oréal Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray | ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen | Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer | Barry M Confetti Nails 'Dolly Mixture'

About 7/8 weeks ago I ran out of my Effaclar Duo and didn't have chance to go into town to the big Boots that stocks La Roche Posay and I wasn't that bothered but after a few days of not using it my skin just erupted! The spots were huge and sore and so I decided to go back to basics on the skincare front until I could get my hands on the Effaclar Duo and I picked up a few bits from the Simple range. I'm pretty confident that almost everyone used to use Simple back in their early teens and I don't know why I don't still use their products because they are so good! They're all really gentle and actually do wonders for the skin. I bought the facial wash and I love the consistency of it but I didn't realise they also had a version of it in the Spotless Skin range but this really helped calm down the blemishes. My favourite product of the whole month is definitely the anti-blemish moisturiser. I noticed a difference from the first time I used it so I'm definitely going to carry on using this from now on. Only problem is that it doesn't seem to last very long and I don't feel like I'm using any more of it than I normally use with moisturiser. Still, it's pretty cheap and it does the job. I did end up picking up the Effaclar Duo again and I have definitely seen a difference since having it back in my daily routine. I will have to make sure I have a spare on hand for next time it runs out!

When I left my job 3 months ago (3 months!! So insane!) the people I used to work with put together a little bag of goodies for me and the L'Oréal salt spray was in it. I once used a really cheap salt spray and I really didn't like it. This one has been so different. It's more of a texturising spray to give a bit of volume but it does leave my hair nice and wavy. I kind of go a bit crazy spraying it through whilst my hair is wet and it doesn't dry hard or sticky. I can't even tell it's in. I feel like it makes my hair dry a lot faster too which is good because I don't blow dry my hair. I'll definitely repurchase this when it runs out.

I bought the ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen quite a while ago and I wasn't really sure why and I'm still not entirely sure. I hear people talk about cuticles and removing them by cutting them off (?!!!) and that sounds painful and I'm not entirely sure why people want to remove them (anyone able to answer that?) However, I remembered I bought this and I've started wiping it around them before I paint my nails and it does make my nails look a lot nicer. I'm not sure if it has benefits but I've enjoyed using it recently so I put it in!
On the nails front, I finally caved and bought one of the confetti polishes from Barry M. I got the Dolly Mixture one and I really like it. It looks so cute over a nice bright colour.

Last favourite for this month is the Soap & Glory Kick Ass concealer. I actually bought this a couple of months ago but I've got really into using it the last couple of weeks. It has 2 concealers in it - one for under eye and one for blemishes, and it has a translucent setting powder too. I only actually use the one for under eye and it is amazing! It does such a good job at cancelling my dark circles and I set it with the powder and it doesn't crease all day. I wasn't too keen on the blemish concealer. It doesn't really cut it again the Collection Lasting Perfection.

What have you been loving this month?


  1. I love the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer, it covers under the eyes so well!

    Natalie xx

  2. I love the Simple Spotless Skin range, it is such a lifesaver!
    Mia x
    Mia Alice in Wonderland


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