19 February 2013


Two outfit posts in two days! Crazy!

I can't believe I haven't shown you this jumper/sweater/top (I don't really know what to class it as) yet. I got it a couple of weeks ago from River Island. River Island is a shop that I sometimes look in but I really don't like the way they merchandise and lay things out. Also, I've not been a huge fan of their clothes recently but I decided to pop in as it was quiet and there wasn't many people around and I'm so glad I did.

Jumper; River Island | Disco pants; Topshop

I can't find it on the River Island website and thinking about it, I've been in a couple of stores since buying it and I've not seen it in any other store. Unless it sold out just that quickly!
I spotted it in the corner and made a beeline for it. It cost £30 which put me off a little as well at first because I didn't know if I would actually get the wear out of it but I went to try it on over the dress I was wearing and thought it looked too cute to put back on the rail.

Please excuse the fitting room mirror photo!

I've already worn it way too much and I'm going to see Disney on Ice (again...) in a few weeks that I'll think I'll have to don it for. I'm clearly always going to be a child at heart.

I know that the majority of the outfit posts I do are of me in disco pants but these are new ones! My Glamorous ones seemed to be thinning a bit and I wasn't liking them that much. Then I saw the Topshop ones and the quality and thickness is a lot better and closer to the American Apparel ones. And already over wearing these ones too...


  1. sdjkfsdh I've been admiring that jumper with so long but I've been too afraid to buy it! It looks so nice on you! New follower here :)

    - Sho
    http://shonalouxo.blogspot.ie x

  2. Great jumper! I think it works really well with the dress - gotta love changing room mirror snaps!

    Cath x



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