11 January 2015


At the end of 2013 I decided I wanted to do a memory jar throughout 2014 were I would just write nice things that happened on scrap bits of paper, keep them in a jar then read them back once the year was over. And I actually managed to stick to it! I didn't put something in every single day. It was just whenever I did something with friends or family or had a day out or went to some kind of event or just a nice little thing happened. I'd write it down, fold it up and put it in the jar.
I was going to look back through it on New Years Day but then I thought that I'd only just put my last piece in for the year so it seemed too soon, and I was also a bit ill last week. So now 2015 is starting to settle in, life has gone back to normal with festivities ending and going back to work so I have decided today is the day to look through the jar!

To make the jar I used an old Yankee Candle jar once the candle burned out. I had to get rid of all the wax that was left in which I definitely did the hard way by attacking it with a knife. There's loads of methods online if you have a google!
I had some floral bunting in my room last year so with what I had left of that I just cut a piece off, wrote on "2014 Memories" and stuck it to the jar and hey presto! Blue Peter, eat your heart out.

I am making a new jar for 2015 because I did enjoy doing this and I feel that it helps make me actually do things. Most of the time I just want to sit in my room by myself but I know I can't do that. And it'd be pretty rubbish if the jar was practically empty by December 31st.
I had forgotten about some of the little things I did last year and looking through these has really made me smile. I went to quite a few comedy and music gigs, went on a couple of holidays, visited a few cities over Bank Holidays, got some tattoos, family came over from Australia and it seems I went to Manchester a lot for a lot of food! (Side note: if you go to Manchester, look up the Donut Burger. Thank me later.)

Have you ever done anything like this, or are you going to now?

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  1. That sounds like a great idea! I might try something like that.


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