29 March 2013


Another month, another batch of favourite products that I've been using a lot over this month!

Tresemmé Extra Hold Hairspray | MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural 'Light' | Urban Decay Naked Basics | Sleek Correct and Conceal Kit | Garnier BB Cream | Garnier Roll On | Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine 'Lychee' | Rimmel 60 Seconds '805 Grey Matter' | Topshop Lipstick 'Rumour Has It'

I picked up the Sleek Correct and Conceal kit about a month ago. I've never seen any reviews or anything of it so I took the plunge. I think it was around £7. I actually picked up the palette in shade 2 because they didn't seem to stock any shade 1 so I foolishly thought 2 must be the lightest shade. It only means that the concealer (the middle one) is a touch too dark for me. I've been using the corrector (the first one) under my eyes before foundation and also around some really red blemishes but I've also been using my concealer as normal after foundation. I've found it does seem to reduce the darkness under my eyes a little doing this. My favourite part of the palette is the powder (the third one). It's great for setting all the make up under the eye and I've not had any issues with major creasing.

Two nail varnishes this month. I know the Barry M Gelly nail paints have been over-raved in the blogging world but they are totally worth it. I picked up the shade "Prickly Pear" when they were first launched a few months back and I love it. Then I kept seeing reviews popping up this months, especially for the nude shade 'Lychee' and I ended up buying it. I love a good nude polish! The finish of this is lovely and is the perfect shade of nude.
I've never tried the 60 Seconds polishes from Rimmel but I'm very impressed. Realising I didn't own a grey polish I bought this. Super impressed! The brush is quite small but thick so application is easy and it really does dry very quick. 60 seconds may be pushing it but it's quick enough for my liking.

The MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural is probably my favourite thing I've bought all year! Oh my god! I've been eyeing it up for some time and I took the plunge and I find myself reaching for this more often than my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. My make up looks so much better with it and I feel it stays in place so much longer. My skin also feels really soft and lovely wearing this. Definitely worth the price tag (that I can't totally remember but I think it's £20ish.)

I reviewed the Garnier BB Cream here so I won't repeat all that again but I'm so impressed with it. A good matte finish, good coverage and cheap! What's not to like? I bought the Garnier Roll On a few months back but I've only really started to like it. I have the one with a bit of a tint to it but it's not for coverage at all, in my case anyway. If I don't use the Sleek Correct and Conceal kit, I put this under my eyes after foundation and then go over with a concealer too. It seems to have made a much better difference than when I go with just concealer alone.

I did it. I jumped on the Urban Decay Naked bandwagon. My friend bought the Naked 2 palette and then I wanted it and I saw the Basics palette had 10% off at Debenhams so I went for it. The shades are perfect for me. The black shade 'Crave' is lovely for lining the lash line when you don't want to wear liquid liner and all the shadows are super pigmented and so easy to blend. So very happy with it. I will say that I find it quite difficult to open the palette. I don't know if it's just me and I got a bit of a dud one or if everyone has that problem?

I do love a Topshop lipstick. I already have a couple and over the last couple of months I've been wanting to brave the world of nude lips. I had a Topshop gift card so it only ended up costing me £3 so I picked up the shade Rumour Has It. It's definitely more of a darker nude but I prefer that with being pale. I don't really want to get the "foundation lips" look. Topshop lipsticks are so moisturising too so with the horribly cold weather my lips have got dry so wearing this has actually helped!

Finally, a bit random but hairspray! I have always used Tresemmé hairspray whenever I've needed it (which was never very often.) I can't remember which one my last one was but it definitely wasn't this one and I had it easily for 3 years before I used it all. Since getting a fringe I've been having to use hairspray everyday to keep it tamed. This bad boy is brill! It keeps my hair in place, it's not sticky and it doesn't make my hair all hard. I can't remember the price now but it was on offer in Bodycare for the giant can that I got.

So quite a few favourites this month. Hope you've all had a good month and you all enjoy Easter weekend. Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow (and I did today, boo!) but I'm at a Christening on Easter Sunday and I get Monday off. Which I most excited for because I will be able to watch Game of Thrones as soon as I wake up!!


  1. I swear by TRESemme hair care but weirdly enough I've never actually bought their hairspray. I might have to invest in some!

    Maxine, xx

  2. I loved the garnier bb cream, looked so lovely on the skin! X

  3. Omg!!! Love your picks girl x

  4. I've tried the Garnier roll-on and I was so so disappointed - it did absolutely nothing for me :(
    I love the MAC powder, would love to try it!

    1. I didn't like it when I first bought it either but now I've found a way that it works for me, it's great!


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