14 September 2014


Last weekend I was invited to my local The Body Shop for an event to celebrate the launch of their new Argan Oil range, as well as the brand new addition to the Colour Crush collection, the nail polish collection.

Me being my usual fail blogger self forgot my camera and had to use my phone. (I got home and it was just sitting on my bed giving me a smug look...)
I digress!

Rachelle set out some lovely treats for us. I think I enjoyed the chocolate fingers a little too much...
and then she told us all about the new ranges. 

The Argan Oil range includes a body butter, body oil, solid lip oil and a shower gel, to name a few. It smells and feels amazing. I resisted the urge to buy a lot of things as I have a lot of body butters and lip balms already on the go but once they run out I will definitely be giving this range a whirl.

We then got to see the new nail polish range (this was a few days before it was due to go on sale so very lucky!). There's 24 beautiful colours and all vegan and cruelty free. Rachelle had told us that we would be able to choose a colour each as a freebie and it was a very difficult decision! They're all beautiful and from the colour swatches, very shiny! I ended up settling on Big Smoke which is a very dark grey/almost black colour. I like dark nail polishes and especially as we get to Autumn/Winter. Though I was eyeing up the purple and mint too... They're on sale now and £5 each.

This is what I ended up buying though...

I was pretty well restrained for a change. I had a list of what I needed and stuck to it. My Camomile Cleansing Oil is almost out and as The Body Shop were giving us a very generous 40% off, it would have been rude not to restock. I also got the Raspberry Shower Gel as last time I bought the satsuma and all my family used it! So I'm going to be hiding this.
My Clarins Cleansing Milk is almost out and I really like cleansing milk/creamy cleansers but I've not really been feeling the Clarins one anymore. My skin has been a nightmare as I've mentioned before. I usually use the Tea Tree range but I think it's too harsh right now for me so I decided to trial the Aloe range and so far so good! It's very gentle and feels lovely.
I have started taking acid toning more seriously (updated skincare coming soon...) so I really wanted a more hydrating toner that I can spray on in the mornings if things are a little sensitive. I also thought this would be good for my holiday next week. The mini Satsuma Shower Gel is also to take away on holiday as well.
And then that is the nail polish I chose!

Thank you to Rachelle for another great event. And it was so good to see the likes of Caroline, Danielle, Claire and Rachel again as well as a couple new faces!


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