22 December 2013


I didn't do a Favourites post in November and I don't have one planned for December. And the last few I did weren't that great, to be honest. It's mainly that I've just not been trying new products lately and the ones that I have bought haven't blown me away.
I have bought a few new bits over the last couple of months however that I haven't mentioned on here so far so I've decided that every so often I'll do Mini Reviews to show you new things I've been using and my thoughts on them.

So for the first installment...

"Ugh, not another Naked 3 post"... I know, I know. I'm sorry. I'll get this one over with first as to not bore too much. I've never owned any of the other Naked palettes. Only just admired from a far. Then I saw the Naked 3 palette on every blog and I developed the biggest of heart eyes and knew it had to be mine. It arrived this week and it's ridiculous but I am in love with it. Most eyeshadow palette have colours you just are going to ignore forever but I have actually managed to use all these this week and all the colours work so well together. My favourite shades are Nooner, Mugshot and Blackheart.

A bit ago I started getting a bit bored and not liking my foundation at all. I was hovering the Clinique counter and after a chat with the lady at the counter, I got matched up and took a sample home of the Stay Matte foundation. I got the colour 3.5 Cream Rose which terrified me at first... a foundation that doesn't contain the words "ivory" or "porcelain" in the colour name?! I used the sample and couldn't really decide my thoughts on it so I bit the bullet and bought the full tube. I still can't really decide. Some days I think it looks great - perfect colour, good coverage and all those good things. And then sometimes I see my reflection and think it's way too dark and looks awful. GAH. Will I ever find a foundation I like?!

NYX Cosmetics launched in selected Next stores a couple months back. From watching essiebutton videos on Youtube, I know she uses their blush in Taupe as a contour and I've wanted to try it for ages. I got it in my local Next and I really like it. It's only very subtle and perfect for the Casper's of the world รก la me.

Finally, I treated myself to the Real Techniques Blush Brush a while back. I have been using this with the NYX Blush. It's tapered so perfect for applying and blending along the contour line and like all the Real Techniques brushes, it's super soft and cleans so well.

What beauty products have you added to your stashes recently?

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