20 October 2013


I say this in almost every post but I try so hard to find motivation and inspiration to blog but I've just not been able to find any recently which has left the blog a little bit scattered. I'm trying really hard at the moment to put together some kind of schedule to try and get me in to a posting routine and I have a couple of blog post ideas lined up that I will hopefully put together before the end of the month.

But I thought I'd ease into things with a wishlist. I love reading these types of posts and I've been eyeing up a couple of things as I've been browsing recently.

This dress is actually sold out so seems a bit ridiculous to include it but I want it. I don't know if the smock style even suits me but I saw a girl in a Topshop concession in Selfridges wearing in and she looked amazing. I am determined to hunt it down. It is also available in a pink/purple which is nice but I love this so much.
I have been wanting to try Illamasqua's Skin Base foundation since seeing numerous Pixiwoo and Fleur de Force videos. Last week, whilst in Selfridges, my friend got colour matched with it and it looked incredible on her and now I really want it. I don't think anyone will ever find the perfect foundation but I think this may well be very close.

The next three items are for a related trip I am taking in the new year. In January I am off to Russia! I know. It will be cold. Very cold. But I am excited to buy lots of jumpers in preparation. I love this New Look one.
The mittens are from Topshop and I recently bought the hat that matches them so I may have to take another trip back to find these.
And I am really very happy I have found an excuse to buy a backpack! I think it will be the best way to carry around everything I will need to during the day and it will be perfect for hand luggage.

Also, I think it might be a little bit obvious that I am also one of those people loving the tartan that's around everywhere at the moment. I didn't think I would but I've seen so many different items that I have fallen in love with. 

What are you lusting after at the moment? And if you have tried the Illamasqua foundation, what do you think of it? 

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  1. I love tartan print too and I find it really appropriate for these autumn days)) I like your choice and sense of style, those pieces are really chic and lovely! Just started to follow you with GFC and on Bloglovin', hope you can follow me back;)
    Have a fabulous time!



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