19 December 2012


First off, huge apologies for how long it's been since there's been a post up. I work in retail so this time of year is a bit mental and I'm always too tired when I get home. Plus, I'm pretty ill and run down at the moment  and lacking a bit of inspiration. Keen to get more "Dress Like..." posts up soon though so let me know if there's anyone you'd like me to do them on.


This year I've got a lot more into make-up and beauty than I ever have previously and I've tried out so many new brands. My favourite of those though has to be Sleek. Sleek is an online brand and also found in some Superdrug stores. It's so affordable and good quality and I really love it. I only have a small handful of their products currently but I'm itching for more.

Most of these are only very recent purchases but I'm very in love with them all. I absolutely love the packaging of Sleek make up. It's so, stating the obvious, sleek and simple. (Although one of my blushes seems a bit trickier to get in to and I've ended up with a fingernail print in it because of it... Guessing it's just a dud one though!)
So, I've been after a new liquid eyeliner for quite a while and this "Dip-It" one was only £4.49 so decided to try it. The applicator is quite small compared to the usual liquid eyeliners which I like as it seems to make it easier to get my cat eye flick just right.
Next up is the contour kit that is highly raved about in the beauty blogging world. This was the first Sleek product I bought around summer time. I got it in the shade light because I am ridiculously pale but I was a bit worried still about how dark the contour powder looked. It blends in very nice though and gives nice definition. The contour powder and highlighter are really pigmented too so you really don't need a lot of product at all. I think this cost about £6.50 and it took ages for me to actually find a store that still had it in stock.
The blushes cost £4.49 each and they're a really decent size; you get 8g of product in each one. I've always been a bit scared of blush cos I didn't really know how to apply it but I kept seeing blog posts of the Rose Gold one (which is the top one) and felt like I needed it and I'm glad I did get it. The Rose Gold shade is another hugely raved about product. Everyone says it is exactly the same as NARS' Orgasm blush but I've never seen/tried that so I can't confirm but it's such a beautiful shade. The photo has made it seem more orange than it actually is but it gives a lovely subtle highlight. The second blush is called Sunrise which I only bought last week and I've only used it twice. It's really really pigmented and the colour is a lot darker than Rose Gold but just one sweep with my brush is enough. I think I'm a bit scared to use it at the moment in case I do put too much on and end up looking a bit "clown-ish". I'll have to keep practising!
Finally, the last product I also got last week but I've used it everyday since (I should have probably tidied it up before taking photos). The palettes are £7.99 each and you get 12 colours in each so that's amazing. I got the Storm palette but I really wanted the Au Naturale one but it wasn't in stock. Again, the colours are so pigmented and I like wearing two/three eyeshadows together and blending them and you can mix loads of these with each other. The 3rd one on the bottom row is a really dark green that's almost black. Looking forward to trying something out with this because I have to dress as an elf for work on Christmas Eve! I've not actually used the applicator from the palette because I never like those applicators so I use an angled eyeshadow brush and ELF's eyeshadow 'C' brush.

If you've never used Sleek make up before I'd definitely recommend it. Cheep, cheerful and great quality!
I'm keen to try out more products of theirs so let me know if you have anything else from the range.

And if I don't blog before then, have a great christmas and new year!


  1. MUA is also have a really good range of products, with eye shadow palette at just £4! I am in love with MUA products, I have never tried sleek so maybe I should!



    1. yes, I love MUA too. I've got the Undressed palette but I can see this one overtaking in how much I use them now!

  2. I've been hearing great reviews about the Contour Kit! I may go out and get one myself!


  3. Sleek is one of my favourite brands. I love Rose Gold too! I had the Storm palette a few years ago but finished it and need to get my hands on it again. The Oh So Special Palette is really amazing I recommend it :)

    1. I think that was the other palette I looked at before deciding on Storm. I wanted all of them, to be fair. x

  4. I adore Sleek after just a few months of trying the products it has become one of my fave brands


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